Will Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Be Next-Gen Only?

What's the latest on the blockbuster franchise?

by J.R. Waugh


Call of Duty fans rejoiced when they saw announcements from Infinity Ward about their beloved franchise getting its latest installment, as well as this project already being underway.  In addition to Warzone 2, Call of Duty 2022 is well underway, and speculation is all pointing to this next game being a sequel to the reimagined 2019 Modern Warfare.  The question that’s on everybody’s mind is, will everyone get a chance to play if it goes the direction of next-gen only?  Here’s our report on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, and its potential to be next-gen exclusive.

Will Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Be Next-Gen Only?

The first thing to be stated is that there is no concrete confirmation of Call of Duty being exclusive to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S as well as PC.  The clue we have is a cryptic February 3rd tweet by IW stating that they are hard at work on the new game and that it would be a “new generation” of Call of Duty, with the quote “Stay frosty” catching people’s eyes.  This felt like a blatant hint toward another Modern Warfare, which is the bread and butter of Infinity Ward, especially given the quote’s usage by Captain Price, but the next generation quote has had people worried about the potential.  It certainly could be interpreted as being only available on the PS5 and XBX|S, but if so this could leave out millions on the PlayStation 4/Xbox One installed base.

In addition to speculation, though, this story should be followed closely.  Given the reveal that Warzone 2, the next installment of their highly successful battle royale spinoff, is confirmed to be exclusive to the new console generation, meaning only PS5 and XBX|S.  It’s within the realm of possibility that Call of Duty could push for a greater focus on those consoles and PC alone with hopes that holiday console sales will make the installed base strong enough for a worthy sales period while PC continues to do well.  But it’s also reasonable to believe they won’t leave behind the previous generations, given many are unable to find the consoles and are annually paying customers for the franchise.

Thankfully, the franchise is at least for now not going to be missed by PlayStation players, even in light of the recent Activision-Blizzard acquisition by Microsoft.  But be sure to keep an eye out as this story continues to unfold.  Check out more news updates and articles below!

- This article was updated on February 6th, 2022

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