6 Must-Have Party Games on Nintendo Switch for the Holidays

Some great games to entertain the masses this holiday

by Kara Phillips

One of the charms of the Nintendo Switch is the hybrid nature of the console, making it the best companion for travel and time away from home. So, if you’re home for the holidays, there’s a high chance you’ll have a Nintendo Switch with you. While it’s a great way to pass the time with your own independent adventure, it is also a fantastic console for party and multi-player games, and what’s a better way to celebrate the holiday than getting everyone together for some controller-clenching competition?

Party games are the backbone of any social event, so as the holidays are in full swing, you may seek a way to ease the tensions or bring your family and friends together with some healthy competition. Unfortunately, however, the market for party games is saturated at the moment, and it can be daunting to quickly know which ones are worth playing and which are worth avoiding. So if you have siblings hounding you to do something to relieve the festive tensions, we’ve compiled a list of some must-have party games which everyone will enjoy.

6 Must-Have Party Games on Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch is home to hundreds of pick-up-and-go titles, and the Joy-Con system makes it easy for anyone to connect and play. Because of the simple controls and small controllers, players of every age can participate with these must-have titles. Each of the following games supports at least up to four players, with others taking the extra step to make sure the more, the merrier is involved. So, if you’re stuck on what to suggest over the holidays, the following list will help you. These are a few of our tried-and-true party games guaranteed to entertain every player. 

Ultimate Chicken Horse


Ultimate Chicken Horse is a fast-paced race against one another to get to the finish line, but before each round, you’ll be tasked with selecting an obstacle or weapon from a box to place on the map. Although these are more often than not designed to get in the way of every player, they can be essential building blocks to make sure you get to the other side in one piece. However, if every player is successful, no one wins, and if every player fails, the same applies. Therefore, you must put your wits and platforming to the test to ensure your own victory. 

This game supports up to four players and has a massive variety of levels and potential outcomes, which means that regardless of how many times you play, it’s a challenge to feel like the content has become stale. However, this game is worth picking up if you’re after some laughable, friendly competition. 



When it comes to party games, it would be a bust if Jackbox wasn’t thrown somewhere on the list. This name is renowned for filling a room with laughs when needed and has enough variety to offer even veteran players a good time. If you’re looking for something slightly less hands-on, then any Jackbox Party Packs can be a humorous experience for everyone involved. With quick-fire trivia, murder mystery, and even the opportunity to design your own t-shirts, the Jackbox Party Packs will bring out the fun side in even the most stubborn of siblings. 

Each party pack can support up to eight players, but you’ll need a mobile device each to play. In addition, there are now nine party packs to choose from. We’d recommend skipping the second and the fourth and going with either the first if you’re an entirely new player, the fifth if you’d like some guaranteed laughs, or even the ninth, which is pretty fresh on the shelves. Regardless, you’re bound to have a good time for everyone involved. 



Overcooked may satisfy the need if you’re looking for more collaboration rather than head-to-head competition. However, this game is not for the faint-hearted. Although its sweet character design and jolly soundtrack seem innocent as you learn how to make simple meals, the further you dive into this game, the more likely you are to start screaming at the TV and taking the reigns of the kitchen to make sure customers are satisfied, and things aren’t left to burn. 

Overcooked supports up to four players, and much like Ultimate Chicken Horse, the variety in levels will keep things fresh. If you and your companions are prone to having good communication and working together as a team, then it’s worth trying your hand at Overcooked, but if you struggle with any team-oriented challenge, be warned this game is the epitome of stress. 

Mario Party Superstars


If you want a more authentic Nintendo Party experience, then Mario Party Superstars takes everything good from the traditional Mario Party experience and makes it even better. This game is accessible for all ages and doesn’t offer anything, in particular, to leave players frustrated. Instead, it’s a wholesome slice of friendly fun, and the mini-games will keep you on your toes as you chase around the board. 

Supporting up to four players, this game feels like a cult classic when it comes to all things Nintendo Switch gaming, so if you haven’t already got it in your library, then there’s no better time to download it than for the holidays. However, be warned as soon as other people play one game, you’ll be expected to bring your console to every social situation. Nevertheless, this game is massively popular, and there’s a good reason for it. 

Heave Ho


Heave Ho is another game that focuses on teamwork to achieve certain goals, yet allows you to challenge physics in its own amusing take. You and three players will adopt the form of creatures with exceptionally long arms, and you’ll have to navigate the obstacles each various level presents you with by relying on one another to catch you each time you make a leap of faith. 

Similarly to Ultimate Chicken Horse, heave ho has some laughable physics which may be frustrating, but you can’t help but smile. Once again, this game supports up to four players and is entertaining enough for every age without being too reliant on skill. Sure, it helps to have a team of skilled platformers to ensure you breeze through each level, but if you’re looking for a laugh, we recommend this one. 

Light Fingers


If you’re playing with fans of tabletop games, then Light Fingers may satisfy the need to play without the additional stress of losing any tiny plastic pieces or setting up a detailed TTRPG which players will undoubtedly lose interest in. Light Fingers can be played in short bursts without really knowing the game’s ins and outs and rules, yet it hosts the same charm as picking up a board game. You and three players will take on the roles of thieves, stealing and earning loot from dungeons, but as you run through the mechanical map, guards will be hot on your tail. 

Light Fingers is slightly tenser as you attempt to escape the eager guards, but it’s a great game to put your skills to the test. There’s a great sense of challenge through its detailed dungeons to navigate, which can be controlled by the other players, and you’ll need to think tactically to escape the trail of the guards. It’s more in-depth than other party games but worthwhile depending on the crowd you’re entertaining.