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The New Overwatch Game Browser Secures the Game’s Longevity for the Future

by Kevin Reyes


Earlier today, Overwatch received a new update that contained the usual batch of bug fixes and balance changes which includes the Bastion rework that’s been discussed before. However, the biggest change to come with the update was the addition of the Overwatch Game Browser which, in my opinion, has secured the game’s life for the years to come.

For those unaware, the Game Browser is essentially a tool that allows players to share and create custom game modes with hundreds of customization options. The new systems gives players full control on adjusting every single minute detail within the game and includes adjustments to characters, maps, and even game types.

With the introduction of the Game Browser, Overwatch is no longer just Overwatch.

So why do I think this is such a big deal? Well, with the introduction of the Game Browser, Overwatch is no longer just Overwatch. By the creativity of the community, players have created various new games that play nothing like how Blizzard intended the game to be played.

Even the PTR had some great examples such as Lucio All Stars Racing which transforms the game into a high-speed race for the flag where everyone dies to one shot and Predator Mode which turns the game into an asymmetrical multiplayer experience.

As long as the community of millions continue to create, Overwatch has a long life ahead of it similar to how games like Garry’s ModTeam Fortress 2, and Counter-Strike retain a portion of their player base and popularity through their support for custom games and modding tools.

The best part of all this is that we’re still at the infancy of this new movement. Should Blizzard continue to support this in the future, the Game Browser could become a robust tool that will allow players to go as far as creating their own maps or custom heroes. It will definitely be interesting to see just how far Blizzard takes this new feature.

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