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Latest Overwatch Update Introduces Server Browser, Capture the Flag Mode, and Bastion Rework

by Kevin Reyes


Blizzard has rolled out a new update to Overwatch’s Public Test Realm that introduces a new server browser for custom games as well as capture the flag as a permanent game mode in the Arcade. In addition to that, the new update will introduce a few hero changes with the biggest ones coming to Bastion.

The new server browser feature will allow players to setup their own games with customized rules and share it to their friends or to the public. It works as an extension to the preexisting Custom Game mode and will allow players to adjust various settings with regards to the maps, modes, and even heroes. The update’s patch notes specifically mention being able to adjust the speed of Pharah’s missiles or removing the cooldown from McCree’s roll ability.

The next major addition is the new permanent game mode: Capture the Flag. Due to the success and popularity of Capture the Rooster, the special seasonal brawl that came with the Year of the Rooster event, Blizzard is making Capture the Flag an ongoing game mode. In addition to making it stick around post-event, the new mode will now support every Control map in the game. That includes Nepal, Lijiang Tower, Ilios, and Oasis which all have three maps each, for a total of 12 new maps for this mode

Finally, the latest Overwatch update introduces a bunch of hero changes, the biggest of which go to Bastion. We’ve previously reported that the Overwatch team had plans to rework Bastion in some way and now it looks like they’re pushing through with that plan. Similar to what we reported before, they’ve reworked Bastion’s different modes to make him more versatile and potentially make him more viable in high level play.

The newest Overwatch update is live now in the Public Test Realm for the PC. There’s no news as of yet on when it’ll arrive to the live servers. You can read more details about the different changes in the update including several bug fixes and minor hero tweaks in the official PTR patch notes.

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