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New Overwatch Voice Lines Hint at a Romantic Couple

by Kevin Reyes


Blizzard might be playing with the hearts of their fans as they add a couple of new voice lines that hint at a possible relationship between the Swiss medic Mercy and the Japanese cyber-ninja Genji.

The Overwatch public test realm recently received a batch of new voice lines which Reddit user akhanubis then uploaded to this thread. There are a couple of interesting things in there including voice lines relating to the different heroes stating their New Year’s resolutions, but what really stands out are a couple of conversations that relate to Genji’s surprising affinity to chocolate.

The first conversation is between Genji and Hanzo with the former asking his brother if he happens to have any chocolate on him for whatever reason. Hanzo retorts that, between the two of them, only Genji ever enjoyed sweets.

The next dialogue is between Mercy and Genji. Mercy, having apparently heard of Genji’s quest for chocolate, got him some herself. Genji thanks her and asks if she would like to eat them together. Something interesting to note is that Genji calls Mercy by her real name, Angela.

Finally, Genji returns the favor by giving Mercy some chocolate of his own. Though they aren’t as high quality as what she gave him, it’s the thought that counts.

Now at a glance, it looks like these voice lines are related to some sort of Valentine’s Day event which further cements the idea of these two being a couple. Game director Jeff Kaplan has previously stated that there would be no event for both Valentine’s Day and Easter, but that doesn’t mean they can’t do a small thing such as adding some new voice lines. As mentioned earlier, fans also dug up some lines related to New Year’s resolutions despite there not being a New Year event.

This also isn’t the first time that Blizzard has hinted at a relationship between these two, at least that’s what the fans think. One of the pages in the recent Reflections comic showcases what the various characters did during the holiday season.

In this page, one of the first panels a reader would see is Genji writing a letter while training with Zenyatta. Later on, another panel appears with Mercy reading a letter while on some sort of medical mission. Many have speculated that the letter in these two panels is one and the same and that Genji and Mercy spent the holidays communicating with each other.

While not necessarily something that affects the game in the grand scheme of things, it’s still fun to see Blizzard develop their characters in these unique ways, especially since Overwatch lacks a story mode of any sort. Through the use of third party media like shorts and comics as well as in-game cosmetics like voice lines and sprays, Blizzard has managed to add a certain layer of depth to their colorful cast of characters.

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