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Obduction Interview: How Myst’s Successor Changes in VR

by Kyle Hanson


Back at E3 2016 I got to sit down and play Obduction. The game is a spiritual successor to Myst and Riven, even coming from the original creators and studio, Cyan Worlds. If you want to read my thoughts on the game, you can click here to read those. In short, I was thoroughly impressed, both in the game itself and its use of VR.

After going hands-on with the game for over thirty minutes I sat down with Chris Doyle, the Director of New Experiences on Obduction. A major part of his duties were to implement VR and make sure that it worked well with the game. Being a slow moving, puzzle experience, Obduction is sort of tailor made for VR. The game allows players to explore at their own pace, before being presented with some sort of challenge that usually doesn’t involve a lot of moving or action.

However, the game still works fantastically outside of VR, with a full story and a huge world to explore. Players can decide not only which way they play, but how the game operates once they’re inside it. For example, if you’re a VR veteran, you can just keep the regular controls, allowing you to freely walk around the world. If this usually makes you feel sick, you can switch to nodes, where you have specific spots on the map that you can teleport to.

Chris goes into all of this and more in our interview, so check it out below. Obduction hits PC and Mac on July 26th, with VR being exclusive to Oculus Rift at launch.

Obduction Interview – Myst’s Spirtual Successor is Looking Great

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