PAX East 2015 Cosplay Gallery – Destiny, League of Legends, Zelda and More

by Kyle Hanson
PAX East 2015 Cosplay Gallery

PAX has always been known as a hotbed of cosplay activity. Fans come from around the US, sometimes from around the world, to show off their amazing creations. Taking their favorite characters from movies, TV, anime, and video games, they present their work for the world to see, and almost all of them are pretty incredible. This year was really great as PAX East 2015 featured some fantastic cosplay from everyone’s favorite geek franchises.

All the usual favorites were there, such as League of Legends, Halo, and The Legends of Zelda. Of course, Majora’s Mask was a heavy favorite, with the remake of that classic game hitting only a few weeks before the convention. Along with this come a few from Destiny, Guardians of the Galaxy, Assassin’s Creed, and man, many more. Take a look at the best we could find out of all three days. Be sure to check out all the pages, there were a lot of great cosplayers.