Pit People Impressions From Early Access Preview

by Joel Santana

It’s been quite awhile since the California based developer The Behemoth, who was responsible for such memorable games including the critically acclaimed Castle Crashers has released a new IP out in the wild. But there’s a very good reason for that.

Pit People Features Behemoth’s signature sense of humor and outlandish nature

As The Behemoth has been very hard at work on their new IP, Pit People. For those out of the loop on what exactly The Behemoth has been working on since their last title Battleblock Theater. It can simply be described as a turn-based strategy game filled with their twist of humor and very outlandish nature that you’ve seen in their previous body of work. To accompany the outlandish style of the game, the narrator of the game adds an extra flavor to the game that sucks you into the story. Due to him simply despising the main player from the very moment the game starts and seemingly making your life impossible to deal with as he takes out his aggression out on a lowly blueberry farmer and his child. Which I may add the opening and ending sequence of the start of the game sets the tone for the rest of the game that you might want to pay attention to.

Alongside the outlandish nature of the game where at some point involves toilet paper and fecal matter, the game itself is extremely fun and filled with content despite the game still being a work in progress due to the early access state. As currently, the game features a good sizable chunk of the main story, quests and different modes such as Versus and Unfair Challenge that pits you against impossible odds versus the ai.

If that’s not enough for you and don’t feel like burning through the content that’s currently available in the early access, you can also venture out in the vast world map to discover and collect an array of different customization items and obscure weapons including being able to use gigantic batteries as weapons. Or, being able to fill out your team of heroes by capturing any of the enemies you’ve fought against by “recruiting” them via a net which feels very Pokémon-esque in a sense.

Outside the features of the game, the combat system is what you expect from a turn-base strategy game where there’s nothing much to write home about as it’s pretty typical. But in usual The Behemoth fashion some of the battles are pretty entertaining due to the dialogue or events such as having to face an enemy who enters the battle in a giraffe floating in air while wielding dual uzis all while your character has basic weapons such as a shield and sword.

Pit People is turn-based strategy with customization and recruitment features

Overall, if the current state of the early access is any indication of what to expect from Pit People in the future then we are in for a big treat. As I’m expecting The Behemoth to have another big hit on their hands once it gets out of the early access stage. Thanks to the the game being thoroughly enjoyable from the main quests featured down to character interactions you’ll constantly encounter, but also that charm from their previous game that people loved in abundance that will make people feel right at home.

Pit People releases January 13th as an early access title for both Steam and Xbox One.

- This article was updated on March 8th, 2018