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Did PlayStation Experience Help Solidify Sony’s Holiday Sales?

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by William Schwartz

The PlayStation Experience was a first of its kind of show in its scale and wealth of announcements that really resonated with fans in ways that no other convention has. It was also centered around a specific group of fans unlike PAX or various Comic Cons.

Looking around during the event, it was evident from chatter in the air, and that which took place on social network that this event was influencing holiday purchasing for many fans. It wasn’t just the limited run of 12,300 PlayStation 4 Classic bundles that sold out within minutes, or the boast by PlayStation that they have the ‘fastest selling console of all-time’. It was the fans at the event walking out on Sunday with brand new PlayStation 4’s (not classic ones) and those on the internet looking at social media and seeing all the announcements and fan reaction of getting hands-on with upcoming 2015 titles and deciding for themselves that they are buying a PlayStation 4 this holiday.

Sony and the PlayStation brand was smart to have this event in early December to allow those people who have yet to make a holiday purchase see what they have planned for the coming year. It also was smart as December is a notoriously slow month for gaming news as not many big name titles release in December. Playstation headlines basically dominated the media all weekend and will likely do so as previews trickle out from websites across the internet. Having the event bolted to The Game Awards also didn’t hurt.

Microsoft opted not to make any announcements at The Game Awards but Nintendo made themselves relevant by showing off their anticipated Zelda Wii U title and teasing Star Fox. Despite this, it was still a PlayStation filled weekend. This speaks wonders for the rest of the month and where Nintendo and Microsoft will stand going into the new year as far as the ever important holiday sales go. One thing is for sure, that PlayStation Experience is sure to get company heads at Microsoft and Nintendo thinking about doing their own ‘Experiences’ for fans.

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