Attack of the Fanboy

PlayStation 4 Is The ‘Fastest Selling Console Of All Time’

by William Schwartz


Not only did PlayStation Experience open with a massive gameplay reveal of Uncharted 4 but they were quick and short to get to the numbers.

During the keynote speech at PlayStation Experience Shawn Layden, President and CEO at SCEA quickly shouted out that the PlayStation 4 is the “Fastest selling console of all time.” It was quite a boast and sent the fans into an uproar. This event not only is for the fans of PlayStation but seems to be a way for PlayStation to assert their dominance as the leaders in the next-gen console wars.

Fans have come from all around the world to show their PlayStation appreciation and it shows not only with fans coming out, but it also shows in the sales. Going into the major holiday season, this is a big step for PlayStation.

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