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PlayStation Plus vs. Xbox Live Games with Gold for October 2016

| September 30, 2016

PlayStation Plus vs. Xbox Live Games with Gold for October 2016 Articles PlayStation Xbox  Xbox Live Transformers Devastation Resident Evil PS Plus PlayStation Plus Games with Gold

I hope everyone downloaded and played through Journey, because we’re about to get hit with another set of new free games from Microsoft and Sony. October 2016 is certainly an interesting month for this comparison, with Xbox Live Games with Gold getting a very early announcement that left many underwhelmed. Reassessing the games made them look a bit better though, so there was a chance they could beat PlayStation Plus, if Sony didn’t bring it this month. But, well I don’t want to spoil anything. Here’s PlayStation Plus vs. Xbox Live Games with Gold for October 2016…

PlayStation Plus Free Games for October 2016

Resident Evil for PS4 – 83%
Transformers: Devastation for PS4 – 77%
Mad Riders for PS3 – 71%
From Dust for PS3 – 81%
Code: Realize ~Guardian of Rebirth~ for PS Vita – 86%
Actual Sunlight for PS Vita – 75%

MetaCritic Average Score – 78.8%
Oldest Title – 2011
Newest Title – 2015

Xbox Live Games with Gold for October 2016

Super Mega Baseball: Extra Innings for Xbox One – 80%
The Escapists for Xbox One – 74%
I Am Alive for Xbox 360 – 69%
MX vs ATV Reflex for Xbox 360 – 75%

MetaCritic Average Score – 74.5%
Oldest Title – 2009
Newest Title – 2015

The Winner Is…

Honestly, I’m not even gonna mess around. PS Plus won this month hands down. I was surprised to see how well Super Mega Baseball was received, and am intrigued enough to check it out. However, the PlayStation Plus lineup just dominate Xbox Live Games with Gold.

Resident Evil is one of the best remakes of one of the best games of all time. As it was a Gamecube exclusive at launch, many haven’t checked out this amazing remaster of the PS1 classic. Having it available for free, and during the month of Halloween, is really a great treat for anyone who hasn’t checked it out yet. Then throwing on the PlatinumGames developed Transformers: Devastation on top is just great. This is the perfect game for PS Plus’ Instant Game Collection as it was well received by critics, but might not have gotten the audience that it deserved.

The Games with Gold offerings are still nice, but there just aren’t any standout must-play games. The only real benefit I see is that most players likely don’t own these games already, but for many there is a reason for that. I have no desire to check out the MX vs ATV game, and while the two Xbox One games look decent, I’m not gonna be queuing up the download on day one like I will for what’s on PS4.

What do you think? Did PlayStaiton Plus truly dominate Xbox Live Games with Gold as much as I think it did? Let me know in the comments, and check back next month for the newest matchup.

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Say Something

    Great lists for each!
    Glad I won’t have to buy Super Mega Baseball: Extra Innings anymore!

  • Mr Xrat

    As if that’s even a contest.

    Where’s efnet?

  • gabe

    Xbox gold games are hit or miss. I’m still playing warrior orochi 3 free a few months back, and probably won’t be done with that for a couple years

    • Dennis

      Agreed, for me they are also hit or miss. I don’t care for the same game WO3, but again, I guess not every gamer (me included) is stoked every time – it’s the thought that counts and that they vary it. Overall, not disappointed however.

  • freddy_uk

    Great line up for psplus..Xbox not so good

  • ?????

    Well seeing Forza Horizon 3, Recore, and Gears 4 all out or coming out, they want people to play their great games. Unlike Sony who has no worthwhile games this holiday. :^)
    Finally though, a PS+ month that’s not absolute shit.

  • Guest

    PS+ takes it easily this month. Even if I got to say I really enjoyed the escapists.