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PlayStation Plus vs. Xbox Live Games with Gold for October 2017

by Kyle Hanson


It’s the beginning of a new month, which for gamers means that we all have a new selection of free games to sort through. PlayStation Plus and Xbox Live Games with Gold have now released their set of free games for October 2017, and we like to take that opportunity to compare the two and see which has the better month. This is, of course, just my opinion, so if you disagree please let me know why in the comment below. This isn’t an objective assessment, though there are some figures that come into play, as you’ll see below. So, with that out of the way here’s PlayStation Plus vs. Xbox Live Games with Gold for October 2017…

PlayStation Plus Free Games for October 2017

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain | PS4 – 93%
Amnesia: Collection | PS4 – 78%
Monster Jam Battlegrounds | PS3 – Not enough reviews
Hustle Kings | PS3 – 81%
Hue | PS Vita (Cross Buy with PS4) – 77% on PS4
Sky Force Anniversary | PS Vita (Cross Buy with PS4 & PS3) – 77% on Xbox One

MetaCritic Average Score – 81.2%
Oldest Title – 2010
Newest Title – 2016

Xbox Live Games with Gold Free Games for October 2017

Gone Home | Xbox One – 85% on PS4
The Turing Test | Xbox One – 80%
Rayman 3 HD | Xbox 360 – 69%
Medal of Honor: Airborne | Xbox 360 – 73%

MetaCritic Average Score – 76.75%
Oldest Title – 2007
Newest Title – 2016

The Winner Is…

Rarely do we see such a wide disparity between the two sets of free games, as evidenced by how close August was. Gone Home was a great selection from Microsoft’s Xbox Live Games with Gold program, but it can’t stand up to the force of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. This one game swings the whole comparison in PS Plus’ favor and hands them the victory before we even dive deeper into the games being offered for October 2017.

Now, when we do that we still have to hand it to PS Plus for offering some solid games. Amnesia and Hue are particular standouts, but overall players will find something to love in this set of games. Which is good, since MGSV sold so well that few players will actually get to benefit from this giveaway.

Xbox Live Games with Gold isn’t full of trash though, and Xbox gamers have a lot to be excited for here, just maybe not as much as their Sony loving rivals. It’s nice to have such an easy one to judge, as I skipped September while I dealt with windy death bearing down on me. I survived though, so hopefully you enjoyed PlayStation Plus vs. Xbox Live Games with Gold for October 2017. See you in November.

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