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Resident Evil 2 Seizes the Mantle of Best Looking Video Game Cheeseburger

Watching zombies eat people while hungry is an odd experience.

by Kyle Hanson


The opening moments of the Resident Evil 2 remake elicit a lot of varying emotions in the player. Fear, for sure. I mean, as many times as you experience zombie fiction, there’s nothing like that initial reveal that people are starting to eat each other. But I never expected to feel hunger of my own, and all because of a gorgeously rendered cheeseburger.

If you’ve played the Resident Evil 2 remake, you likely know exactly what I’m talking about. It’s literally the opening shot of the game. This indicates to me that Capcom not only knew how important food rendering had become in the video game wars, but also that they had just developed the equivalent of the nuclear bomb. Just look at that thing!

And it’s not a static render either, the trucker picks the damn thing up and eats it right in front of you, cementing its glory, and my own envy. I’m not sure what truck stop he got that burger at, but I plan to take a Summer and travel the American midwest looking for it. It’ll be like that episode of How I Met Your Mother, before it went to total crap, where they scour New York for the best burger place in town. Only instead of running into Regis Philbin, I’ll be interacting with dozens and dozens of dudes named Jim.

The whole thing made me think back to this Kotaku article, which praised a similar cheeseburger from Battlefield Hardline. Looking at it, I still see its beauty. Capcom has blown it out of the water though. There’s a lot to praise about Resident Evil 2 Remake, but this one has somehow stuck with me throughout.

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