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Roblox Horror Games List – Best Scary Roblox Games to Play This Halloween

Scary Roblox games to play this Halloween

by Jasmine Butler


With scary Roblox games the upcoming “spooky season” can be enjoyed both online and off.  As summer comes to an end, its always fun to enjoy Halloween with scary games.  Whatever your age, Roblox has something to offer when it comes to scary games that you can play for Halloween. Whether you want to be part of a big mystery, be hunted (or the hunter) or just be scared silly, Roblox has a scary game to play this holiday season.

Here’s a list of the scariest games to throw yourself into within the world of Roblox.

Disclaimer: Most of the games in this list will not be suitable for smaller audiences.

Alone in a Dark House


The name really does hint as to what you get with this game. You play as a private investigator who has to investigate a heartless murder in a small town. The main area to investigate is, you guessed it, a dark house. Navigate your way around the house, finding the multiple clues to help you solve the murder, while also coming across some unsettling realizations on the way.

Bear Alpha


This ten-player survival game will put fear into everyone but one player. In each game, one of the users is randomly selected to be The Bear. The Bear is tasked with hunting down the other players and killing them all within five minutes. The Bear is stronger and faster than everyone else, but the other players can all team up together to take down The Bear. Yes, this game is only scary if you’re not The Bear, but you can still be fearful.



If your child likes Peppa Pig, then I would highly recommend you keep them away from Piggy. As the player, you have to fight for your life while being hunted down by a pig wielding a baseball bat. It starts off as you playing as a police officer, investigating the disappearance of George Pig, before taking a most sinister turn. To this day, Piggy is one of the more popular games on the Roblox platform. Who would have thought that a murderous Peppa would be a winner?

Murder Mystery 2


One of the more popular Roblox games, Murder Mystery 2 lets players act out multiple different roles within a murder mystery. Everyone in the game is randomly assigned a role in the mystery. You could be the murderer, who must kill everyone before being caught. You could be the sheriff, who will need to capture the murderer before they get to you. Everyone else in the game is an “innocent” whose task is to simply survive.

The Mimic


The Mimic is a combination of various Japanese urban legends. The game is set out in various chapters, with Chapter 4 being the most recent release. The first-person game shows a former school student hunting for their missing childhood friends. Foes that the player can come across along the way include Hiachi, Megumi and Keiko. This game does prove plenty of jump scares so beware on your journey through The Mimic.

Rickey Rat


Another game where developers have taken a beloved childhood character and turned them into something horrific. You play as a student who is taken on a field trip to Mickey’s Clubhouse. However, once there, things are not what they seem, and you now have to find your way out of the bizarre clubhouse. If you’re a fan of Mickey Mouse then this game may not be for you, unless you want your childhood ruined.

Stop it, Slender


Slenderman is an urban legend that stems back to an internet meme created in 2009. The creepy character is a tall, thin person with a featureless face. It comes as no surprise that the character has been implemented into a scary Roblox game. Stop it, Slender can be played as either Slender, Proxy or a Citizen. The Citizens need to power up three generators but Slender and the Proxy are there to stop them.

The Maze


The game is self-explanatory, find your way out of the maze. The Maze is located deep underground and the only thing the player has is a torch. Not only is that scary enough but you are being hunted down by plenty of horrific creatures on the way. You may think it’ll be easy to complete but who knows what will get in your way while trying to escape. This game has been dubbed one of the scariest on Roblox so try at your own caution!!



Geisha takes on its inspiration from Japanese urban legend Teke Teke. The player returns to their childhood home to find their family nowhere to be seen yet a presence can be felt throughout. Now the player must find out what has happened to their family without them getting caught up in the Geisha’s wicked ways. The game is one to unsettle nerves due to its eerie music, creaky noises and a fair few jump scares.

Dead Silence


The game is loosely based on the film of the same name. You can either play this game alone or team up with a group of three people. This game follows the mystery of Mary Shaw, a dead ventriloquist. Her story is unravelled after a ventriloquist’s doll is given to someone as a gift. You can already tell it’s going to be a spooky affair if a doll is involved. The game is set out in first-person, so it really throws you into the game.

Which Scary Roblox Game to Play This Halloween?

Our Roblox Scary Games List should have something to enjoy for fans of all different types of tense and scary games.  Choose one or more of them for a great time this Halloween season in Roblox.

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