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Share Your Super Mario Maker Stages

by Dean James


Super Mario Maker is finally upon us after first being announced at E3 last year. With the ability to create your own stages and share them over the internet with anybody, this game is going to only get better with age and today is only the beginning.

Personal creation is what defines Super Mario Maker and Nintendo has made it possible for you to share your own stages not only by uploading, but also by sharing a unique code for that stage.

With Super Mario Maker being so community based and us having a fantastic community at Attack of the Fanboy, we only thought it’d be fitting to give you an area to share your own created stages.

You can do so by giving the code for your stages in the comments below and make sure to give a little description of what it is, so that people will be enticed to check it out.

Creating is only half the fun in Super Mario Maker, as all of the stages being available to play online will make the game exponentially better than it already is. Make sure to let people know if you like their stages below, so that others will know which ones they should try out as well.

This specific area is just for you to post your own personal stages, so make sure to check out our other that will be going us to share your favorite stages that you’ve found from others as well. We’ll be letting you know some of our favorite community ones moving forward as well, so make sure to keep an eye out for all of that.

- This article was updated on:February 21st, 2017

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