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Here’s A Spider-Man PS4 Analysis From Someone Who’s Worked On Five Spidey Games

by Jelani James


Insomniac Games turned heads at E3 this year when it showed off gameplay footage of Spider-Man for the PS4. It quickly became one of the most discussed games from Sony’s conference and even happened to catch the eye of someone who has quite a bit of experience with Spider-Man games: Chris Baker, who soon released a video detailing his thoughts about the upcoming game.

To those unfamiliar with him, Chris Baker has plenty of experience in the game industry, having worked in positions ranging from the Previews/Previews Editor for the Official U.S. PlayStation Magazine to the Director of Research at VGMarket. One of the more notable parts of his career is that he has had an active role in the production of five Spider-Man games, and while he most likely doesn’t have much knowledge about the game specifically, its an incredibly rare chance to see someone with his level of experience discuss someone else’s work in this much detail.

(Scroll down to the bottom if you want to get straight to the analysis)

There isn’t anything necessarily concrete in the video, just a lot “let’s hopes,” “this could means” and potential easter eggs; but among all that speculation, there are two that are worth noting: costumes and villains.

At one point, Baker considers the possibility of players being able to create their own Spidey suits using aspects of previous and existing ones. Obviously, it’s impossible to know whether this will pan out, but we do already know that players will be able to use various pre-existing suits and that the white Spider-Man logo has some level of significance in the game.

Baker also considers the fact that Mister Negative might not be the only villain in the game. Considering that he was already revealed in the gameplay trailer, it would certainly make sense for him not to be. With a wealth of villains that Spider-Man has to contend with, it seems like a waste for players to only have to deal with one who has been already been confirmed. Its possible that there could be different villains doing their own operations in separate parts of the city or they could very well be working together on some huge nasty plot.

Needless to say, there is much more that Baker has to say about the trailer, so check out everything he has to say in the video below:

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