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The Best Xbox One X Enhanced Games You Can Play At Launch

| November 6, 2017

The Best Xbox One X Enhanced Games You Can Play At Launch Articles  Xbox One X

The Xbox One X will soon be out, and developers and many games are getting updates that bring about numerous enhancements to take advantage of the power of the console.  If you’re still on the fence about the Xbox One X, check out our review.  At launch, new Xbox One X owners will undoubtedly be looking to play games old and new that have added features for the console.

We’ve compiled a list of the best games that you’ll be able to play on the Xbox One X at launch that have received updates to be Xbox One Enhanced.  In no particular order, these are the best games you can play at launch that look even better on the Xbox One X.

Best Xbox One X Enhanced Games

Forza Motorsport 7:  Microsoft’s flagship driving title might be the best looking game on the new console.  What was already a good looking racing game looks even better on the Xbox One X with Native 4K support in sixty frames per second with HDR.  One of the smoothest playing, best looking racers on the market today, Forza 7 is an absolute must play to experience just what is possible on the Xbox One X.

Gears of War 4:  Sure it came out a year ago, but the Xbox One X is breathing new life into Gears of War 4.  If you haven’t played this game yet, the 4K 30FPS experience in the campaign is incredible to look at.  While the 4K 60FPS multiplayer experience is one of the best looking, smoothest competitive multiplayer shooters on the market.  Another game by Microsoft Studios, this one takes full advantage of the power of the Xbox One X.

Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus:  With added 4K resolution and HDR support for The New Colossus, there isn’t a much better reason to head back into this single player campaign and play it again.  Since it’s got a branching storyline depending on your decisions, even if you’ve already played it you can go back in and have a new experience both in terms of the story for an even more immersive experience in terms of visuals.

Call of Duty WW2:  The most popular shooter on the market will be playable in 4K UHD on the Xbox One X at launch.  If Call of Duty is your thing and you’re picking up an Xbox One X, the resolution bump to 4K compliments the 60FPS multiplayer gameplay for an incredible visual experience.  

Middle Earth: Shadow of War:  Want to test out the different possibilities of the Xbox One X?  Shadow of War offers multiple modes that Xbox One X owners can select from that allow you to choose resolution or all-around better visual fidelity to go on your Orc slaying campaign.  Middle Earth: Shadow of War is one of the stand-out lookers that you must try on the Xbox One X.

Rise of the Tomb Raider:  Rise of the Tomb Raider has become somewhat of a tech demo for the Xbox One X.  The game did come out a couple of years ago, but it looks incredibly modern on the new hardware.  With the ability to play in Native 4K, in a scaled 60FPS mode, or in an all-around performance mode, there might not be a better game that showcases the visual possibilities that the Xbox One X is capable of.

Madden NFL 18:  Madden has never looked better than it does on the Xbox One X with 4K Ehancements.  A game that was already looking incredibly realistic with the Frostbite Engine overhaul, Madden NFL 18 looks better than ever on the Xbox One X in 4K.

Halo 5:  If you’re an existing Xbox One owner you more than likely own Halo 5.  This is one of those games that you absolutely have to check out on the Xbox One X as it runs in 4K with HDR at 60FPS.  Halo has never looked and played as good as it does on the Xbox One X with Enhancements.  In 4K at 60FPS there is a huge difference between this version of the game and the one that was released in 2015.  After playing Halo 5 on the Xbox One X, you’ll be hard pressed not to get excited about what future Halo games will look and play like on this console.

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  • crizz1066

    So nothing new for new Xbox……still strggling to bring whole Halo series up to stretch. Yet i thought it would be easy to program for?? So whoever doing it would have had dev box from M$ asap, yet they still haven’t got Halo done. So remind me a gain why a studio will waste time and resources if its gona be this hard. And for a small install base also>

    They are only releasing limited stock in UK as we just dont really want it here.

    • There Is No Substitute

      Forza 7 (mouth breather edition) is the bigger disappointment, so much so that I almost instantly demanded a refund. It’s another tragic tale of how the corporate culture is notorious for destroying great ideas.

      • crizz1066

        M$ is just so anti consumer. All there tricks to say otherwise just arnt working.

        • There Is No Substitute

          I’ll admit that I like certain Microsoft products, but the corporate strategy is currently hurting their reputation. The question is, how long will it take Microsoft to figure that out? Only time will tell whether they destroy themselves before they can redeem their greedy business practices.

          • crizz1066

            Some M$ products are good, like the Pro 3 and Xbox Slim. But these come out after M$ has screwed its cumbersome by getting them to do the R&D on these machines.

            But now they’re saying how M$ will invest in new Ips and Devs……after only few years ago killing off quality IP’s which people liked. IS so arse about face..

            M$ is directionless and just lurches from one copy and paste job to another.