The World Needs Gex 4 Now More Than Ever Before

Do kids these days even know who Jerry Garcia is anymore?

by Shaun Cichacki

Every day, the world begins to feel bleaker by the second. With people stuck in the endless cycle of doom-scrolling behind the screen of their favorite apps, and a constant spattering of a neverending news cycle that seems to love pumping out controversial and negative news, the constant pangs of nostalgia continue to once again knock heavily upon our hearts. 

Gamers, film fanatics, and even bookworms use the warmth of nostalgia to escape into a time that felt safer and more secure, even if that isn’t always the case. Being able to revisit an old friend that helped you through a rough time in your life, or reminds you of a time long since passed is always an effective way to boost your serotonin and bring folks back into a positive mind space.

In a world that has moved on past parody, for the most part, and into the new headspace of post-irony, meta-irony, and post-truth satire, would this particular creature be able to keep up with the kids of today? While we may have had a laugh in the past about the tap water at Jerry Garcia’s house, would something like that even make sense in today’s day and age?

It begs the question: why does Gex, of all characters, deserve another shot in the spotlight? Well, ask the 15 million people that bought the original trilogy of titles. Some of my earliest gaming memories involve this funny little guy, as I sat down in the basement of a friend’s house watching them progress through Kung-Fu Theater while systematically molding my personality around this sarcastic little fellow.

To make things even more interesting, a demo for an unreleased Gex title finally breached the surface, giving a look at the newly unveiled and previously unknown Gex Jr., giving gamers a look at what could have been coming after the final entry in the trilogy. Was this an adventure starring a pre-teen Gex, getting into debauchery before his heroic journey into the Media Dimension, or is this the result of the systematically terrifying ending of Gex 3: Deep Cover Gecko?

There are many pieces of Gex lore that need answering, and there has been no better time than the present to bring this mascot back into the spotlight. While the trope of wisecracking smart guy may not be as punchy as they were in the past, finding a way to introduce Gex to the internet age could be the return to form that this franchise so desperately needs.

Maybe Gex could find himself as a resurging popular figure on the internet, involved with TikTok or Instagram, or whatever the kids think is cool, I don’t know, I’m old. Maybe that’s just plain cringe frfr, but finding a way to adapt the titular lizard into the mainstream once more sounds like an overdue gift to society at this point. Even ScottTheWoz and VideoGameDunkey have done their fair share in spreading the truth and light of Gex to a new audience of fans.

It seems that Crystal Dynamics may be interested in bringing back our favorite lizard for another romp in the future. Teasing fans, they’ve recently updated their Twitter photo and header to include a silhouette of our favorite hero, alongside a few other classic characters. While it seems that The Legacy Of Kain may be the first to receive a new entry, thanks to a survey that was sent out and answered by fans hungry for more, can we hope for the same treatment for the savior of the television realm?

Is it nostalgia bait, reminding gamers of what once was? Or is it a calling card, signaling that this sultry-voiced lizard will be back faster than a trip to the grocery store with Nicolas Cage? It’s hard to say now, but there are, admittedly, a few things that may need a bit of a revamp before Gex can make his triumphant return to the big screen.

There are some problematic elements that could hold this franchise from achieving the heights it once did in the past. With humor advancing a fair amount since the early 2000s, some of the more, at the time, tongue-in-cheek references may need to be updated a fair bit before they’re ready to return to the screen. There are also a fair few character designs that may need some extra TLC, as they may not mesh with the current social climate.

Would Gex still be able to hold his head high, while cracking jokes about Marikplier in the new generation? It’s hard to say. While the whole adventure could be coated in gooey nostalgia for those craving the days of yore, it could be time to bring him into the new generation and have him hit the Griddy for the world to see. Only time will tell if Gex has what it takes to succeed, and the time has never been better to bring him back into the spotlight.

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