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Top 10 Best Masks In The Legend Of Zelda: Majora’s Mask

by Dean James


The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D has finally had its chance to shine with the recent re-release of the game on the Nintendo 3DS. Many younger games are getting to experience this gem for the first time and are just figuring how the game’s mask mechanic works.

As you saw on our top 5 list of the worst masks in the game, not all of them are useful. However, the majority of the masks in the game are a lot of fun and vital to move forward in the game. As a result, it seemed fitting to take a look at the best masks in the game with a top 10 list of its own.

10. Captain’s Hat


This mask is definitely one that was hard to put any higher on the list as its main use isn’t really all that great, though it does make getting through Stalchildren infested areas easier. However, there is some use for this mask, as you can acquire not only a Piece of Heart by using it, but also the very useful and rare Empty Bottle. This is not to mention that the Captain’s Hat looks rather cool as well. When all is said and done, it does help out much more than the others that just provide a Piece of Heart at most.

9. Romani’s Mask


This mask is on the list for very similar reasons to the Captain’s Hat, as while it isn’t used much to push the main story along, it can help to acquire some items. Upon getting Romani’s Mask from Cremia, you can now enter the Milk Bar. As a result, this means you can not only get Milk now, but also an Empty Bottle. The latter is priceless, with so few in the game, and being able to get it is great. Also, this mask is required to get the rather useless Circus Leader’s Mask, but that still makes Romani’s Mask quite helpful for those collecting them all.

8. Great Fairy’s Mask


Each dungeon in the game features 15 stray fairies for you to collect, which can then be taken to the region’s fairy fountain to form the Great Fairy. By doing this, you will receive upgrades to your magic and such. While some are rather easy to find, many of them are difficult to reach and that is where the Great Fairy’s Mask comes into play. By wearing this, any nearby stray fairies will fly right to you, as long as you are in range. This makes some of them much easier to acquire and make your stray fairy searching much more efficient.

7. Fierce Deity Mask


Having the beloved Fierce Deity Mask this low on the list is blasphemy, right? Based on its look and design it could easily be the coolest mask in the entire game and top this list. However, it is strongly held back by the fact that it is hardly able to be used in the game. It is only obtained prior to the final boss fights in the game, which does make them a piece of cake. After that, they can only be used in previous boss fights. While it would be unfair against the lesser enemies, who doesn’t want to just mow down enemies using it anyways? That is why it fell lower on this list.

6. Deku Mask


The Deku Mask is easily the worst of the three main transformation masks, but it is still very useful. Starting the game, Link will be stuck in this form for a little while, which allows you to get use to it rather easily. Probably the most useful aspects of this form are the ability to hop across water and use the flower pods to fly around. Hopping across saves a lot of time and even life when it is poisonous, and the flower pods allow you to reach otherwise unaccessible areas, whether they are required for the story or for side items.

- This article was updated on:February 21st, 2017

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