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The Best Spooky Games to Play on Halloween

by Dean James

4. Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater – The Sorrow Battle


Easily my favorite in the Metal Gear Solid series, Snake Eater was elevated to new heights not only by the story, but the extremely unique boss battles. Perhaps the most memorable came against The Sorrow, which was more of a mental battle than anything. This part still amazes and is just that perfect psychological fit for Halloween as the spirits are summoned based on how many you’ve killed in the game thus far. This was a neat twist and is still one of the more iconic bosses in the series.

3. Pokemon Red/Blue – Pokemon Tower


Almost anybody who owned a Game Boy at some point played the original Pokemon games. One of the most talked about locations in the game, Lavender Town, because so popular due to the insane urban legends surrounding it. However, the town itself is super creepy and is made even better with the Pokemon Tower. Between fighting a bunch of Ghost and Psychic trainers, and then facing off against the dead mother of a Cubone, this is one of the moments in the series that may surprisingly tug on the heart strings.

2. Sonic Adventure 2 – Pumpkin Hill


I will honestly admit that I had somehow forgotten about this stage for a long time, until I saw it awhile back and remembered how perfect it would be for this list when I was pre-planning. The name itself is one of the most fitting, but the level design itself is even better, with pumpkins everywhere and not to mention ghosts. Exclusive to Knuckles, players will fly all around the stage searching for pieces of the Master Emerald, while getting to take in all of the sights.

1. Super Mario 64 – Big Boo’s Haunt


Pianos and sharp teeth may not seem like the would go together, but Super Mario 64 combined them into one object that still brings many people nightmares. The safer choice in the Mario series could have been the many Ghost Houses throughout the games or even Pumpkin Zone from Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins. However, Big Boo’s Haunt is easily the most memorable. From the aforementioned evil piano to the showdowns with Big Boo and more, this stage has plenty to offer and is always worth a replay.

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