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Top 15 Gaming Easter Eggs

by Louisa Bhairam


Easter is upon us and what better way to celebrate than to look at a few of the best Easter Eggs? Not the chocolate kind, the gaming kind, of course.

For those who don’t know, Easter Eggs are an inside joke, message, or feature incorporated into a video game. They are called ‘Easter Eggs’ because finding them is reminiscent of an Easter Egg hunt.

All clear? Ok, let’s get started. Click along to view the list that made the cut!

1.Animal Crossing at 3:33am

Animal Crossing includes quite a few hidden joys, such as the ability to get Link’s costume or Mario’s Power Star. However, if you want to see quite a weird one tune in to your TV at 3:33am on a Sunday or Monday. You will be met with a broadcast from an alien with a pair of rather creepy eyes who gives you an intelligible message. Fans of the game have hoped this will branch out into an alien encounter in your town, but as of yet this is the only contact we have with our extra terrestrial buddies.


2.Batman Arkham Asylum: Blueprints for Arkham City

This Easter egg sees Batman find the blueprints to the sequel Arkham City. This was such a notoriously hard secret to find, that the developers eventually had to give it away. If you would like to find it, it is connected to Quincy Sharpe’s office. Go there with an armful of explosive foam and head to the left wall which should have little graphical lines running along the top. You know what to do now, blow it up! First person view makes this a little easier, but you will still need a lot of patience!


3.Pokemon X/Y: Happy Birthday!

If you visit the Pokemon Center on your birthday, you will be met with a little display of fireworks and an LED birthday cake on the screen. Nurse Joy also wishes you a Happy Birthday and the PokeCenter music has a little jingle to it. Aww, that’s nice.


4.Duke Nukem 3D: Sector 7G

In Duke Nukem 3D, it is possible to visit the workstation of one of TV’s most loved characters. It occurs in the second from the last level, and requires a lot of clicking about to find the hidden wall. Once you do, you will find yourself in Sector 7G, a workstation littered with doughnuts. Now who could that belong to?


5.The Curse of Monkey Island: Visit Monkey Island 1

Lucasarts are shameless in plugging and referencing their other titles, and Monkey Island is no exception. When you visit the Goodsoups Tomb, if you poke your head through the crumbling hole in the ceiling you will revisit the ‘fork’ in The Secret of Monkey Island. Guybrush claims it is ‘freaky feelin’ and we have to agree.


- This article was updated on:April 28th, 2018

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