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Top 5 Minecraft Resource Packs

Here are some good ways to spice up how you look at things.

by Luna Wilkes


Minecraft is a great game and looks rather good for what it is, but maybe you want to experience something fresh, so here are the best Resource Packs for the game. There are hundreds of resource packs to chose from, so here we’re going to narrow things down to five of the best. Now, there’s a chance that not all of them will have been updated to the newest version of Minecraft just yet, but odds are those releases will come in time for most of these.


5. Classic 3D

Maybe you really do just like the default Minecraft look and just want a small touch-up on things. if that’s the case then this is the resource pack for you, as all it does is add 3D textures into the game in place of a lot of the 2D ones. It keeps true to the original looks of the blocks as well, meaning it really is just the classic experience but with a bit more refinement added on. you can get this resource pack right here.


4. John Smith Legacy

Now, this is a more out there resource pack compared to the last one. The John Smith Legacy pack gives the game a more rustic and, at times, realistic feel to the game. The mobs in particular can actually look downright frightening and creepy in this one. But hey, maybe that’s the kind of atmosphere you’re looking for, and this pack hits home with that feeling in full force. It’s wonderfully detailed as well, with every block staying true to this concept. You can pick up this rustic experience for yourself right here.


3. Faithful

When it comes to the more classic resource packs for Minecraft, maybe the 3D one just isn’t cutting it for you. Maybe you’re looking for a much higher definition take on the classic look of the game. This resource pack has you completely covered in that aspect. The classic look of every block in the game has been taken to the next level with a higher resolution and wonderful texturing work. It really just makes the game feel a bit more refined while keeping to the traditional look of the game. You can get the pack for yourself right here.


2. Sphax PureBDCraft

The Sphax PureBDCraft resource pack is among one of the most uniquely designed ones out there. This pack aims to give the game a more cartoony or rather comic book-like art style. And it does a fantastic job of doing just that. The pack is very high definition and the textures look absolutely wonderful. It gives the game one of the freshest coats of paint that have been seen in quite a while and can make things feel new again. You can grab this resource pack for yourself right here.


1. DokuCraft

DokuCraft is arguably one of the best resource packs that are currently available. It keeps true to the more pixel-art style of the game while still giving you some beautiful textures to look at. The overall theme and style of this one are that of a medieval fantasy approach. This works wonderfully with the blocks and buildings in the game as Minecraft tends to already feel right at home with this concept. It’s also quite a bit easier on computers as well, seeing as it doesn’t have to load in full HD graphics all the time. It also comes in several different varieties to chose from, and each one of them takes a different spin on the blocks and styles in the game. You can pick up this wonderful resource pack for yourself right here.

Minecraft is available now on PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and mobile devices.

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