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Top Five Games to Play After the 2016 Presidential Election

| November 9, 2016

Top Five Games to Play After the 2016 Presidential Election Articles  Mario Party 10 Fallout 4 DOOM Civilization 6

After what felt like years of campaigning, the 2016 US Presidential election is finally over. Donald Trump will be the next president of the United States. Whether you were up late celebrating, or grieving, we all have reasons to dive back into video games. They bring us joy and give us a bit of as escape from reality, and they also might prepare us for what is to come. So, here’s five games that you might enjoy playing a little bit more after election night 2016.


Don’t read too much into the title, I’m trying to keep this whole thing neutral here. Whether your candidate won or lost, it’s time to let off some steam. DOOM will do just that, letting you blast the face off a ton of demons. It will also be nice to be in a very black and white sort of conflict. If this election showed us anything, it’s that there is a lot of grey in American politics. Each side seems to think that the other is full of bad guys, and with DOOM there is no debate on who the bad guy is…he’s the one with big, red horns.

Papers, Please

OK, before you say I’m being anti-Trump, hear me out. This game is all about immigration. Sure, it takes a stance that is pretty anti-Trump, but still, the game has a lot for players on either side of the political spectrum. Trump promised big changes to immigration, and some of them line up with what you see in Papers, Please. You can even see what it might be like for the staff that is put in the “big, beautiful door” that is supposed to be in his wall…minus the starving, freezing children at home, hopefully.

Top Five Games to Play After the 2016 Presidential Election Articles  Mario Party 10 Fallout 4 DOOM Civilization 6

Fallout 4

I’m not saying that the election of Donald Trump will lead to a nuclear holocaust, but the election of a new president is always time for caution and preparation. If you’re a Trump supporter, maybe set the game to easy and just have some fun blowing away anything that moves. If you were anti-Trump, then you might feel better using the Survival mode setting. This will give you a more authentic and informative experience, letting you prepare for anything that might be coming over the next four years.

Civilization VI

Want to see a little bit of what Trump has ahead of him? Play Civilization VI. The game spans a bit longer than four to eight years, but you are still in charge of your own civilization. You can even choose the United States, playing as the somewhat Trump-like Theodore Roosevelt. Then you can run your civilization however you see fit. Want to nuke everyone? Go for it. Want to build a beautiful society built on science, religion, and/or culture? You can do that too.

Mario Party

Nothing can bring families and friends together, and then tear them apart like Mario Party. Yes, not even the election had the amazing power of this party game series. With the simple tools of coins and stars, Mario Party and its many sequels is able to get players onto the same couch, yelling and screaming at something other than each other. Of course, much like the election, that only lasts so long. Once one player starts looking like the inevitable winner the curses and fists will fly. Sure, you might want to move on from the 2016 presidential election, but you’ll also want to remember it forever, and any of the Mario Party games should help you do that.

Got a game that you’re playing to celebrate or grieve? Let me know in the comments.

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  • Sexy Mcgee

    Lol! Man… I needed that.

  • Troy Marcel

    Fallout, because that’s the world trumps going to leave in his wake

  • efnet

    I chose mafia 3
    Theres something so satisfying about killing abunch of racist ?

    • Code Geass Season3!!


      • efnet

        A bit much?

        • Code Geass Season3!!


          • efnet

            I played that mission atleast 7 times ? it was just that satisfying …
            Hell i need to find something else to play, just finished mafia 3

    • nice job

    • MrGamer1253

      reference to Trump’s racisim ain’t it

      • efnet

        To racist in general, people that have hate becsuse of one’s color don’t deserve to live.

  • Allen

    Welcome to the United States of Hate, Violence, Intolerance & Intimidation. Where you wake up and say fuck you to your neighbor, spit on your old friends and sit by and watch as the neighborhood bully takes whatever they want from them.

    Fucking disgusting. WTF people? Better learn some russian and brush up on your shooting skills cause it may be WW3.

    • “Making America Great Again” can only mean one thing… Giant Robots that we can pilot.. I’m playing Titanfall 2 for the inevitable. Although, I did have one friend that said he was putting on his PSVR…For the next 4-8 years.

      • Allen

        Just catching up on my replies. Thanks for the laugh man, I really needed that even a week after.

    • Code Geass Season3!!

      You Anti-Trump?

    • RedKnightOH

      Grow up and get a job! Time to get out of your Mom’s basement…

  • Steven Hiller

    Quantum break, because obviously the timeline broke…

  • Code Geass Season3!!

    Doom + Fallout = Trump


  • Dixiedevil

    Is there a game where you can be an overly dramatic crybaby? Maybe a Willy Wonka game where you can be Veruca Salt? No? Yeah, I guess nobody would want to play a game where you’re that kind of person.

  • RedKnightOH

    This is the stupidest reason to write a gaming article… This is a gaming website… not a Political Statement website.

  • MrGamer1253

    LOL, I hate Trump and I always say he will either try to start The Purge (with his Make America Great Again even though he is crazy and how much he hates the poor) or he will start WW3 against Mexico and China (cause he hated them both) so that really backs up how Fallout 4 is relevent so I guess I might buy it.

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