Warframe: When is Nidus Prime Going to be Released?

Debuted back in mid-July, we can expect a release date a lot sooner than expected.

by Elliott Gatica

In Tennocon 2021, Nidus Prime was revealed. His model was shown off to players who visited the Tennocon Relays in Warframe. It definitely piqued the interests of those who are avid Nidus fans or were on their way to acquiring the normal variant. 

Nidus, the infested, has been one of the stronger and more popular frames for quite some time now. He is one of the few Warframes in the game who can make use of all four abilities and have different builds that promote different playstyles. Setting up Nidus’ builds was not as straightforward as building other Warframes. 

For starters, he is the second Warframe in the game to not have any shield values. He also relies on a secondary energy mechanic specific to him called “stacks”. It allows him to trigger his undying passive or cast his Parasitic Link and Ravenous abilities. He can be built to be a tank, a good crowd control caster, or even stationary support. 

When will Nidus Prime come out?

While there has been no date set in stone or any formal announcement other than Nidus Prime coming soon, this is all speculation. Digital Extremes has been rather consistent in terms of their Warframe releases based on a three-month cycle. There are exceptions for pushed back release dates like holidays.

To add context where this is going, the current Warframe in Prime Access rotation is Gara Prime. She has been out for over 70 days. That’s close to hitting the 90-day mark in which the boosters in Prime Access typically last for if purchased day one. If the timing remains constant like other Prime frames in the past, there will probably be an announcement that Gara Prime Access will be ending soon. 

The announcement that a Prime Access is ending soon is usually given two weeks prior, though it doesn’t mean that she will no longer be obtainable by in-game methods. To add on to the credibility of this prediction, the end date of Prime Access usually means that another one is going to take its place. 

If my assumptions are correct, by Monday, August 9, an announcement will be made that the Gara Prime Access program is ending soon. August 9 is exactly two weeks before the 90-day mark of her Prime Access. An announcement shortly after is likely to be made to give the exact day Nidus Prime will be released. I predict Nidus Prime will either be released on August 24 or 31. As of right now, his weapons and other accessories are to be determined. 

Warframe is out now on PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series S/X, PC, and Nintendo Switch. 


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