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Who Should Be The Final Dragon Ball FighterZ Season Two Character?

Filling the last spot in the second season pass.

by Dean James


Dragon Ball FighterZ released early last year to widespread critical acclaim, quickly cementing it as one of, if not the best Dragon Ball video game ever. At the time of launch, we already knew eight additional characters would be coming as part of the season pass, with that strengthening the roster even more. Rather than move onto a sequel quite yet, Bandai Namco and Arc System Works announced a second season pass similar to what we’ve seen from Street Fighter V, with five of the six spots currently revealed. As a result, this has us really thinking about just who could take that final spot as part of the second season pass for Dragon Ball FighterZ.

The second season pass already started off back in late January with the addition of Videl, which included Great Saiyaman as part of her moveset, as well as Jiren from Dragon Ball Super. At that time, they also announced that the newly canon Broly and SSGSS Gogeta from the movie Dragon Ball Super Broly would be coming in the future, though this was only announced with footage of the movie itself, showing they were likely not coming soon. This left only two spots in the six character second season, but one of those two was just filled with the reveal of GT Kid Goku. With those characters already slotted in for the season two pass, these are five characters we would love to see fill that final roster spot.

Master Roshi


While the rest of the characters on this list didn’t debut until Dragon Ball Z or Dragon Ball Super, the first character on our list debuted way back in the third episode of the original Dragon Ball. Master Roshi quickly became a fan favorite in Dragon Ball as the Turtle Hermit that trained Goku and Krillin while also moonlighting in tournaments as Jackie Chun. After this point, the character mostly left the fighting scene and was used for comedic purposes until he busted out his bulky muscular form again in Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F and most recently in the Tournament of Power arc in Dragon Ball Super. Master Roshi may not actually be able to compete with the likes of Goku in combat anymore, but he’s more than proven he can hold his own in battle and could be a fun addition to the roster.

Mr. Satan


Master Roshi may have been a questionable pick for being able to keep up with the rest of the roster, but Mr. Satan (aka Hercule) definitely is the weakest of the bunch here from a power level standpoint. We already got Videl added, but she was able to channel her ki to fly at least. However, even with Mr. Satan not being at the same level as other fighters, Arc System Works could definitely find a way to turn him into a workable fighter in Dragon Ball FighterZ. Going back to the Dragon Ball Z Budokai series days, Mr. Satan was playable in many different games, serving as a bit of a joke character. They could definitely mix in some actual martial arts that the character can do, as well as add in some joke moves that would make Mr. Satan all the more unique.



The first season pass for Dragon Ball FighterZ brought us two movies villains with both Broly and Cooler, which has made us thinking about what other movie villains we’d like to see as well. Most probably wouldn’t like another Goku-like character with Turles or another Android with Android 13, and Hirudegarn would be way too massive in scale for this game. Bojack could be cool, but the one movie villain that people have always gravitated to is that of Janemba. His one and only appearance was in the Fusion Reborn movie that saw Goku and Vegeta having to become Gogeta for the first time just to take down the incredibly powerful Janemba. He has a wide array of both familiar and unique moves that he could be given, making him the most likely remaining movie villain to be added.



Dragon Ball Super finished its 131 episode run in Japan a year ago, though there are strong rumors it will be resuming later this year sometime. Across these episodes, we have been introduced to a ton of new fighters, such as the already added Jiren. With so many universes and fighters to choose from, this one was definitely a hard pick, but probably the standout of the bunch was Kefla. Kefla is the Potara earring fusion between Universe 6 Saiyans Caulifla and Kale that is one of the strongest fusions in the series, harnessing what looks like the powers of the Legendary Super Saiyan Broly with the green hair and everything. Not only could she be a fun fighter for her skills alone, but the game could definitely use more female representation and Kefla is definitely one of the strongest around.

Ultra Instinct Goku


I know what you’re thinking, really another Goku? Well, if there does have to be another Goku added to the roster, this one is really the only one left after GT Goku besides Super Saiyan 4 Goku. Ultra Instinct was a new form obtained by Goku in Dragon Ball Super and many were surprised that this wasn’t released alongside Jiren. The fact that it wasn’t kind of makes you wonder if they might skip this one for now, especially with a Goku already revealed as the fifth character in the second season pass, but it still wouldn’t surprise me to see Ultra Instinct Goku make the roster.

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