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Dragon Ball FighterZ Reveals Previously Leaked Kid GT Goku

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Dragon Ball FighterZ is currently in the middle of its season season of six DLC characters, with Jiren and Videl starting things off back in late January.  With four of the six characters in the second season revealed, the fifth was leaked courtesy of V-Jump magazine earlier this week, but now Bandai Namco has officially announced that Kid GT Goku is coming to Dragon Ball FighterZ.

Bandai Namco made this announcement through the Dragon Ball Games Facebook page, where they specifically refer to him as Kid Goku (GT). This version retains the look of GT Goku with the blue gi and his powerful moves, though he does also have the signature Power Pole that Kid Goku used back in the original Dragon Ball as well.


This Power Pole move can be seen in the above image, but he also has his much more powerful moves that only an older Goku would have. This includes one of his level 3 specials that includes him turning into Super Saiyan 3, which you can see in the below image. There’s still the tease from V-Jump before that there is another level 3 attack that will be revealed in the future, so we’re still hoping that one is a move where he turns into Super Saiyan 4.


With this reveal and the fact we haven’t seen any actual footage for the previously announced canon Broly and Gogeta, it’s looking like Kid GT Goku is likely going to be added to the game before they will. You would assume the last unannounced character would probably be coming at the same time as well, so we’ll have to stay tuned for that announcement in the near future more than likely.

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