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Upcoming Dragon Ball FighterZ DLC Character Leaked In Japanese Magazine

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Following the very successful first season of DLC for last year’s Dragon Ball FighterZ, Bandai Namco announced back in late January a second season pass of characters that kicked off with the release of Videl and Jiren. That same announcement also revealed that the recent movie version of Broly and Gogeta were coming, but now yet another fighter has been leaked courtesy of a very popular Japanese magazine.

V-Jump magazine has been one of the most common sources for Dragon Ball FighterZ reveals, or really Dragon Ball game reveals in general, for awhile now and they have provided us with yet another. After initially leaking in text form, the scan of the full page from the latest issue of V-Jump has been revealed, which has been provided by Twitter user Spytrue.

This very issue confirms the prior rumors that Dragon Ball FighterZ will be adding Kid Goku from GT, which is definitely an interesting choice. The magazine shows off some of his techniques that he will have, including a Reverse Kamehameha, a Super Kamehameha where he goes Super Saiyan 3, and a Super Ultra Spirit Bomb Meteor Attack.

Most interestingly is that GT Goku will also have a Power Pole attack, which makes it seem like this may be a bit of a hybrid of Kid Goku from Dragon Ball and Kid Goku from GT, which would be a nice touch for fans of the original series as well.

In addition, the magazine teases the reveal of one more Meteor Attack for GT Goku in the next issue, which hopefully will be a special move that has him turn into Super Saiyan 4 Goku. That was definitely one of the best things about GT, so it would be good to see it included in the game in some way.

There is no doubt that the reveal of GT Goku will certainly ruffle some feathers, as it is yet another Goku being added to the roster. However, the fact they are mixing in a bit of original Dragon Ball Goku with the Power Pole is promising and hopefully he will turn out to be a really fun character to use whenever he does release.

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