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Where does Zelda: Breath of the Wild Fit in the Timeline?

| June 19, 2016

Where does Zelda: Breath of the Wild Fit in the Timeline? Articles  The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild The Legend of Zelda

Oh the Zelda timeline, how fans love you so. Just a few years ago it was all speculation and theory, then Nintendo dropped the entire thing in our laps, confirming a whole lot of it, but still surprising in many areas. Now, with a new title in The Legend of Zelda series, we have more speculation to dole out. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has to fit somewhere on this massive forking path, but where? Well, we’re not sure, but we can try to find out. So, where does The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild fit in the timeline?

Short answer: we don’t know…obviously. Until the game is out and we can piece together the entire story, we won’t know for sure. However, what has been shown so far does give us hints at where it will be placed.

Just in case you haven’t been following along with recent Zelda news, we do have the official timeline all laid out. It looks like this, with the series splitting into three different paths after Ocarina of Time. These are: the hero fails, the hero is triumphant (child), and the hero is triumphant (adult). After this split we already have a few games on each path. So, in total there are four areas where Breath of the Wild could fit in, pre-Ocarina, or any of the three post-Ocarina timelines.

Where does Zelda: Breath of the Wild Fit in the Timeline? Articles  The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild The Legend of Zelda

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild starts with Link awakening from a one hundred year slumber. As he explores Hyrule he finds it to be a near-desolate wasteland, with broken down buildings and ancient. Furthermore, Ganon is mentioned multiple times, by name. This means that Breath of the Wild almost certainly falls in one of the three post-Ocarina timelines.

Perhaps Breath of the Wild is on the same timeline as the original The Legend of Zelda and A Link to the Past.

But which one? Well, there are a few different theories so far. To me, the most compelling places it in the Adult Timeline, which also houses The Wind Waker and its DS sequels. This works in a number of ways, with the first being the art style. Breath of the Wild is almost completely cel-shaded, just like Wind Waker was. Sure, we’ve seen art style used creatively in Zelda before, but it has also been key in figuring out which games fit where.

One sticking point to this is that The Wind Waker saw Hyrule covered by a massive ocean, with the water coming down right near the end of the game. Considering that we’ve seen some very familiar landmarks, such as Hyrule Castle, the Temple of Time, and the Sacred Grove in trailers, this looks to be the traditional Hyrule, and not the re-founded on from Spirit Tracks.

However, it is possible that this game takes place so far into the future that the sea has receded, and Hyrule reestablished on its original land, with the dilapidated appearance having something to do with being buried underwater for so long. This is further bolstered by some demo players who found salt items that seemed to indicate there was once a sea covering the land. Finally, the Koroks from Wind Waker make an appearance if you know where to look in the demo.

Where does Zelda: Breath of the Wild Fit in the Timeline? Articles  The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild The Legend of Zelda

Still, this theory is not totally sound. There’s a lot of stuff that indicates it isn’t accurate at the moment, including the death of Ganon at the end of The Wind Waker. Of course, Ganon is sort of known for dying and coming back, but his death in that game, and Twilight Princess for that matter, seemed more final, as it was in the original NES title. But with recent revelations from Skyward Sword, it seems like Ganon, or Demise might be an eternal force of the world.

Further complicating things, the Adult Timeline usually has Link as a younger character, so his appearance as an adult in Breath of the Wild is troublesome. Also, there are many references to games outside of this specific timeline, with a lot of heavy homages to the original NES game, such as the prominence of the Sheikah symbol. Perhaps Breath of the Wild is on the same timeline as the original The Legend of Zelda and A Link to the Past.

There is also another option. Maybe The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild modifies the timeline, rather than fitting neatly into it. Some have suggested that this will be the game that merges the disparate timelines into one, and there is a lot of good evidence for this. I like this theory, and would love for it to be true, however I currently don’t believe it myself.

Where does Zelda: Breath of the Wild Fit in the Timeline? Articles  The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild The Legend of Zelda

Currently I’m still hooked on Breath of the Wild fitting in after The Wind Waker. The art style, combined with the Koroks appearance, and references to a great sea just are too compelling without more to go on. I’m far from 100% on it, but we’ll have to wait for more information out of Nintendo in the future before we can really settle down on one spot.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild hits Wii U and Nintendo NX next year.

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  • Taylor Edwards

    Rest assured, it’s a Wind Waker sequel. SPREAD THE WORD!!!!!!

    • 64zeldafan

      I think you are right, however I believe it is another fork in the path. If link fails in wind waker ganondorf brings back hyrule, the placement of the castles fits this theory. Calamity Ganon is surrounding ganons castle from wind waker and hyrule castle is destroyed

      • Dark Link

        That would be great I heard a Similar theory from Commonwealth Realm and he made the theory what if this is a Timeline where Gannondorf got his wish and wished the Water away, that would be Epic.

        • 64zeldafan

          Im not sure I believe that theory anymore, the game feels a bit more like a reboot so maybe its just a joint timeline for all the sequels to come.

          though I do want it to be a windwaker split

    • Dark Link

      I Hope your right.

  • Raw4_8guy

    No it’s not. Adventure of Link sequel

    • Taylor Edwards

      HA! You’re silly.

      • Raw4_8guy

        Not as silly as you though. Here’s yet another theory which basically spells out that your way of thinking is just not that well thought out:

        • Taylor Edwards

          The placement of the Master Sword really has no bearing on where the game takes place. From Ocarina of Time to A Link to the Past, it was never explained how the Master Sword went from Link’s corpse to the Lost Woods and from Ocarina of Time to Wind Waker it was never explained how the Master Sword went from the Temple of Time to Hyrule Castle.

          Also, the Great Deku Tree had this to say about the Koroks: “When they came to live on the sea, they took these shapes,” which kind of contradicts with this article’s claim that “There is no reason to think that the Great Sea is the reason why they evolved.”

          I hear a lot of people say that the Kokiri didn’t have to evolve into the Koroks because of the Great Flood, and then act as if they’re put together some well thought out argument, but it’s not. It’s simply denying an important detail of the games’ lore.

          • Raw4_8guy

            As is the norm by now, you are incorrect.

            A – Hyrule Historia mentioned that the master sword was housed in the temple of time in OOT but the temple decayed (much like it is in breath of the wild, just saying). And now a forest stands around The location in a link to the past (see Hyrule Historia for confirmation).

            B – In the adult timeline, Link was sent back to the child timeline and it’s assumed his items stayed in the adult timeline (since it was his spirit that was sent back 7 years) which means as soon as Zelda sent him back she would of had his items and would have placed the master sword in Hyrule castle.

            C – That is not a direct quote from the Deku Tree. Please show an image to back it up as you are paraphrasing what he said.

            A similar thing can be said about you. You think you have these well thoughout arguments but you are missing key points. The difference is that you act like an a– when you reply to people

  • Scamper52596

    Pretty sure it’s a Wind Waker/Spirit Tracks sequel. We see the Sheikah patterns in BotW match up with the patterns on the outside of the Tower of the Gods from WW.

    • Raw4_8guy

      That’s also the same tech of the gate of time in skyward sword. And tower of the Gods could have been built in any of the timelines. Nothing we saw in the trailer or demo has concrete evidence (or even more evidence) to suggest that this is post windwaker and spirit tracks.

      What we know of the stories is the opposite actually. Ganon and Hyrule were destroyed due to the king wishing it so from the triforce at the end of windwaker

      • Scamper52596

        If it is the same tech as the Gate of Time, that only serves to help my point. It’s likely that the Gate of Time is of Sheikah tech origin, which would mean it’s likely that the Tower of the Gods is of Sheikah tech origin too. And I’m sick of hearing people say that things could’ve happened in any timeline as an excuse to argue that the game can’t take place in a certain timeline. The Tower of the Gods and Gohdan were built in the Wind Waker timeline sometime before WW took place specifically to test a future hero just like the Sheikah Shrines and mini Guardians were built sometime before BotW takes place specifically to test a future hero. And neither of those things exist in either of the other timelines. It all makes the most sense in the end for BotW to be a distant follow up to WW.

        And hey. If they can flood it, they can unflood it. Maybe the Great Plateau was never even covered by the flood in the first place. There’s evidence to suggest that the entire landmass was moved at some point. Maybe it was a secluded island during the Great Sea era and got put back somewhere in old Hyrule as the sea receded. It’s definitely a possibility. And for all we know, Calamity Ganon could be a different incarnation of Ganon entirely just like he was in Four Swords Adventures. Doesn’t have to be the same Ganondorf from Wind Waker.

        • Raw4_8guy

          No…being the same tech as gate of time in skyward sword does not help you. It proves that the technology existed before the split of timeline, therefore saying that it could have existed in any timeline. Do you understand? If it existed before the split occurred in OOT (it did in skyward sword which is before OOT) then it exists in all timelines. I don’t think I can explain that any clearer. Point being that you can’t use the technology to prove its post windwaker.

          It cannot be post windwaker. For the 100th time…Hyrule was not flooded after windwaker so “unflooding” won’t work. Hyrule was flooded prior to the events of hyrule. So theoretically yes, if the ocean receded then Hyrule could be around. But the king wished that hyrule (which was already flooded) be washed away. He didn’t wish that it remained flooded he wished that it be WASHED AWAY. That’s a direct quote from windwaker. So even if the ocean did recede…guess what? Hyrule was ….. WASHED AWAY

          • Scamper52596

            Yes, it does help my argument because the technology as we see it in Skyward Sword doesn’t appear in OoT, the Downfall Timeline, or the Child Timeline. Which suggests that the Sheikah tribe went into hiding and only emerged sometime after OoT in the Adult Timeline before the flood occurred possibly to craft and provide their technology to keep Hyrule safe after Ganondorf’s 7 year rule. I agree that their technology could appear in the other timelines, but it simply doesn’t. And the closest resemblance to Skyward Sword’s technology we’ve seen in the franchise happens to be in Wind Waker from Old Hyrule in the form of the Tower of the Gods.

            Hyrule being “washed away” is why I suggest that maybe the Great Plateau wasn’t flooded in the first place since there’s evidence to suggest that it was moved. Maybe the goddesses wanted to protect and preserve the Temple of Time/Castle Town area from the Great Flood. Other than Hyrule Castle in the distance, which could’ve been built 100 years prior during recolonization of Old Hyrule before Link wakes up, we don’t know if there are other familiar landmarks besides Death Mountain as far as I’m aware. And Death Mountain wasn’t simply washed away.

          • Raw4_8guy

            But death mountain WAS washed away. Along with all of ancient Hyrule…we actually saw it happen at the end of windwaker – that’s the point. In spirit tracks, there is no death mountain. That is the new world – the new hyrule. The great plateau is said to be the birthplace of hyrule and we see the castle and the temple of time there – it all suggests this is where the statue of the goddess landed after skyward sword and Hyrule kingdom was born…and then in washed away in windwaker never to be heard from again. Read Hyrule Historia. The kingdom is gone post windwaker.

            I know your gonna argue that so clear your mind for this next point:

            You don’t see any sheikah tech in any of the other timelines? I got 2 answers to that.

            1) Simply put, you don’t see it in the downfall timeline because all of those games (except a link between worlds – which does have sheikah in it (Impa) unlike the adult timeline which you don’t see sheikah after ocarina of time) but anyway, the reason for that is because the rest of those games were made before skyward sword/windwaker so Nintendo can’t go back in time and me implement them as the games were released before we even met “sheikah”. The term sheikah wasn’t introduced until OOT before someone says that Impa is alive in the NES games. Yes she is but she is not referred to as a sheikah. So the downfall timeline games were for the most part made before sheikah and sheikah technology was even thought of by the game developers.

            2) Now for the other side of that token. For those that want an argument that isn’t literal and plays more to the lore of the legend of Zelda: in a link to the past and in a link between words there are floating platforms. What is to say that those are not Sheikah technology. I don’t see cables and pulleys bringing the platforms to you in various dungeons. They float. Hmmm…could very well be sheikah technology. How about the armos that come alive when you touch them in nes/snes games? Those don’t seem familiar? Guardians from breath of the wild? They could all be sheikah technology

            In any event, true that’s a theory of mine and is merely speculation, but is more believable than a wish that was granted by the triforce being undone. Name me one time when that has happened in the series?

            When you show me an example of when the Triforce’s wish became undone and how it became undone – then I’ll reconsider my point.

          • Scamper52596

            Death Mountain is heavily implied to be Dragon Roost Island from Wind Waker, so if Death Mountain was washed away then you’re basically suggesting that the Rito Tribe were killed off right then and there. And when did I ever imply that Death Mountain was in Spirit Tracks? You think I’m unaware that Spirit Tracks takes place away from Old Hyrule? And I know the Great Plateau is said to be the birthplace of Hyrule, which is how I came to suggest that maybe the whole plateau could’ve been moved since the Statue of the Goddess was once a piece of the ground there that was ripped out and moved to a floating location in the sky.

            I don’t get what point you’re trying to get across to me. If we don’t see the tech in the Downfall Timeline simply because the Sheikah tribe weren’t thought of at the time of those games being made, does that mean you’re suggesting that BotW should be placed there anyway even with all that updated lore that Nintendo thought of after creating the classic games? Why? What’s the point of the official Timeline if they don’t even adhere to their own established lore in each Timeline? What’s the point of things such as unique markings, certain evolutions, important locations, etc. being in certain timelines if they can just be written off as being in any timeline? Why make a timeline at all if I can just say that “Implied Sheikah technology, the Tower of the Gods, and the way the Koroks evolved can just as well have happened in another timeline; therefore, I’m ruling out the possibility of it taking place in the Adult Timeline despite those things currently being exclusive to it.” There’s literally no point to a branching timeline if that’s the case.

            And I don’t know what floating platforms in ALttP/ALBW you’re referring to. There are literally floating platforms in almost every Zelda game. Don’t know why ALttP/ALBW is in any way important for having platforms that float. And Armos have also been featured in many different Zelda games. Remnants of Sheikah tech or not, they aren’t that special.

            And I don’t think the developers are going to let a wish for Hyrule to be washed away at the end of WW stop them from creating a follow up story in an unflooded Hyrule if they really want to. It would be so easy to come up with any explanation as to why the flood receded with remnants of the Old Hyrule still there. I even gave you a theory that the Great Plateau wasn’t flooded, but was moved sometime during the flood. It’s that easy. And retcons happen all the time in the Zelda franchise whenever a new game comes out. Remember that time the Master Sword was supposed to sleep at the end of ALttP “forever”? Yeah, until they decided to make a distant sequel called ALBW where it gets pulled again. How about the biggest retcon of them all where Link apparently gets defeated at the end of OoT to form an unheard of third timeline? I can already see retcons happening in BotW due to a Goddess Hylia statue and her name being mentioned in the game even though it more than likely takes place after OoT, and Hylia was never mentioned prior except in Skyward Sword. I wouldn’t put it past the developers to come up with some excuse to unflood Old Hyrule.

            And the Triforce has rarely ever been wished upon in the Zelda franchise, so coming up with a wish that has been undone isn’t exactly simple. What I can say though is that Link wished upon the Triforce at the end of ALttP to cleanse the evil that was done by Ganon and restore peace to Hyrule, and we all know how long that wish lasted for…

          • Raw4_8guy

            Technically Dragon Roost is heavily implied to be Goron village and spectacle rock is death mountain. I’m nitpicking but just making facts clear. Your theory doesn’t make logic

          • Raw4_8guy

            Technically Dragon Roost is heavily implied to be Goron village and spectacle rock is death mountain. I’m nitpicking but just making facts clear.

          • Raw4_8guy

            Technically Dragon Roost is heavily implied to be Goron village and spectacle rock is death mountain. I’m nitpicking but just making facts clear. Your theory doesn’t make sense. Great pla

          • Raw4_8guy

            Technically Dragon Roost is heavily implied to be Goron village and spectacle rock is death mountain. I’m nitpicking but just making facts clear. Your theory does not make sense. He great plateau is located just near temple of time and hyrule castle…its Hyrule field. He king wished for Hyrule to wash away. He didn’t say except a portion of it. He wished it away. He wished the evil that coveted the land so much wash away with it and give a future to tetra and link….he even said he did it because Ganon would stop at nothing to get Hyrule. Ganon even said: I suppose I coveted that air (becuase the desert wind always brought death). Do you recall any of this? No? Play windwaker.

            I don’t know why it’s a hard concept to grasp but I’m done going back and forth. Sure, Nintendo can retcon and change things up. That’s a possibility. That seems to be the only way your theory will make sense. If they don’t retcon then it makes absolutely no sense as I said a million times – Hyrule and Ganon are obliterated at the end of windwaker. Guess we’ll have to see what ends up being the case

          • Scamper52596

            Actually, the Great Plateau is likely to just be Castle Town as we see it from OoT. If you expand OoT’s map and compare it to BotW’s map, the perimeter you see in front of the Great Plateau is almost identical to Hyrule Field’s perimeter in OoT. The difference being that the Great Plateau should be in the northern section of that perimeter, but it’s on the southern end instead. Which is why I believe the Great Plateau landmass was moved for whatever reason. If you haven’t, feel free to check out Zeltik’s video on the similarities between the Great Plateau and Castle Town to see what I’m talking about. It’s pretty interesting, in my opinion.

            It’s a hard concept for me to grasp because I’ve found more similarities and probable connections between BotW and WW/OoT than any of the other games in the other timelines. Simple as that. Koroks being present with the same exact artstyle that we remember from WW, unique Sheikah markings matching up with the markings outside of the Tower of the Gods, Gohdan and the Guardians being similar tech, the boss room where you fight Gohdan looks like the inside of the Sheikah Shrines, the Pirates Charm from WW said to be made out of Sheikah Gossip Stones and the Sheikah Slate are both used for communication, the mention of an ancient sea, rusted Master Sword suggesting that it’s been underwater for a long time, the Temple of Time from OoT still standing despite being in ruins in both the other Timelines, the Old Man acts as if Ganon is a new and unseen figure despite being present in the other two Timelines (though FSA barely counts I guess), enemy design and cel shading both very reminiscent of WW.

            I’ve definitely thought it out. When I try to place BotW in the other timelines I run into too many contradictions in my mind, but when I place it at the end of the Adult Timeline I start to see more connections and easy ways to explain certain things that may not make sense at first. My logic makes perfect sense to me, and if you don’t agree that’s fine. I’m not asking you to agree with my logic. You’re the one who wanted to try and disprove my thoughts in the first place. Also telling me to read Hyrule Historia and play the games even though I’ve already done all that. I’m totally capable of making my own theories and ideas, and just because I don’t agree with yours doesn’t give you the right to tell me to do things like “Play windwaker.” I don’t need your approval for my personal thoughts and theories. Why don’t you try asking people with differing opinions than yours to expand their thoughts to you if you disagree and tell them why you might disagree instead of replying with ‘you’re wrong and here’s why; play the game’ kind of messages? It’s better for discussion to be accepting of what others might think even if it clashes with your own point of view. Especially when it comes to something as trivial as the Zelda Timeline…

          • Raw4_8guy

            No, the ruins that you come across are likley to be the ruins of castle town. The plateau is just the uplifted ground that Link runs up which is actually identical to the drawing of the NES Zelda Manuel – more so than OOT perimeter (cracked mountains on the horizon and all).

            So you are saying that it’s based on graphical style yet you are ignoring that since the adult timeline split (when Zelda sent Link back in OOT) that all the heroes have been toon link and all the Zelda’s have looked like Tetra. The downfall timeline have been links with long sideburns (just like BotW Link). BotW has the exact same features as what was drawn in the NES games (cracked mountain and Link looking from the great plateau). There’s no denying that the inspiration of the great plateau came from the image that was drawn in the original Zelda Manuel. Just because there is some cel-shading in BotW doesn’t mean anything. There was some cel-shading in skyward sword and there is all cel-shading in 4 swords adventures which is a different timeline. The developers said that they like cel-shading and that we should expect to see it a lot moving forward. Aonuma/Miyamoto said that so the cel-shading is because they like it and has nothing to do with timeline placement.

            The events that happened in the oracles did not occur in Hyrule. The Triforce sent Link to kingdoms outside of Hyrule (that had their own ruling monoarchies) so yes, peace maintained in Hyrule during that time. The people of Holodrum didn’t know who Zelda was when Link asked some of them. I know you don’t like when I say play the games so I’ll assume you played oracles and recall in the beginning of oracles some towns people say “Princess Zelda? Who?” And then go as far as to say later on “There’s talk of a Princess from a far away kingdom coming to visit” point being that the disturbances in oracles has no effect on the peace that is taking place in Hyrule (this is why the triforce sent Link on a mission away from Hyrule – to prevent that peace from being disturbed). Even link awakening story said “now that you destroyed Ganon, peace reigns but who knows what will rise from his ashes. Link goes on a journey to heighten his skills….so there is still peace in Hyrule during these events. In a link between worlds, with the exception of the earthquake there was no real threat that the citizens of Hyrule were really much aware of. Link traveled to Lorule to deal with Ganon and Yuga (that’s not saying that the peace would have lasted if Link didn’t do that, but the people of Hyrule don’t appear to know of a great threat going on at the time so yes, I’ll even go on to say that peace is reigning in Hyrule during then too).

            You said that it’s rare when the triforce is wished on in the series.

            It happened in skyward sword to destroy demise in the future portion – and it worked as Ghirahim was forced to go to the past before the wish was granted in order to resurrect Demise. Why didn’t Demise just try to grab the triforce right there and wish that it’s last wish be “undone”?

            It happened in a link to the past to restore peace to the dark world – it did that too without fail

            It happened in a link between worlds to save the Lorule triforce and it did that as well without fail

            It happened in Zelda 2 to wake up ancient Zelda and it did that no problem.

            And finally it was wished on to destroy ancient hyrule and Ganondorf at end of Windwaker…I’m trying to not come across as rude, but you see the trend don’t you?

            Yes a retcon will disprove all of this but Nintendo just published Hyrule Historia and sold it to many people. I myself bought a copy of the book as soon as it came out. To do that and then just to retcon things would be a very low blow by Nintendo. Make a quick buck off all of us and then just say “eh, now we are gonna switch things up.”

          • Scamper52596

            “No, the ruins that you come across are likley to be the ruins of castle town.”

            Isn’t that exactly what I just said? And the fact that it’s uplifted ground with a huge gate around it makes it look like it’s a landmass that has been moved for whatever reason. Wouldn’t be the first time after all.

            If Toon styled games can exist in all the other Timelines, I have no reason to believe that a more realistic aesthetic can’t exist in the Adult Timeline. The cel shading in of itself isn’t exactly that important. What gets me is the enemy design that looks like they could be made for Wind Waker. Typically new Zelda games have unique art styles for everything, but in this game we have Koroks that look like they’ve been taken straight out of Wind Waker and enemies with a style that heavily calls back to that of Wind Waker. Combine that with the cel shading and unique markings that match up with the Tower of the Gods, and I see WW influence everywhere in this game. I guess that’s just me though.

            Even if the Oracle games didn’t take place in Hyrule, the events that take place are still responsible for bringing back a dead Ganon. Whose soul purpose is pretty much to take over Hyrule. His return basically means that Hyrule isn’t going to be safe for long. And even though the threats weren’t made aware to all the citizens of Hyrule in ALBW, that doesn’t mean those threats weren’t there at all. Hyrule Castle still got taken over, Zelda still got kidnapped, and Ganon was still revived.

            It is rare that the Triforce gets wished upon in the franchise. I already counted it out in my head. 5 times out of like 18 Zelda games is pretty rare to me. And half of those wishes are barely substantial to anything. Demise getting destroyed by the wish upon the Triforce didn’t stop Ghirahim from just going back in time and fulfilling his plan that way. In ALttP the peace in Hyrule didn’t last forever as we see the kingdom in shambles later in that timeline. In ALBW nothing is stopping Lorule from potentially going through another declining era. In Adventure of Link Zelda could probably undergo another sleeping spell if it was place upon her. The wish from Wind Waker is probably the most substantial wish in the franchise; I’ll give you that. Since we see the effects throughout the rest of the Adult Timeline. But I still don’t believe with the franchise’s track record that the developers wouldn’t find a way around that wish if they wanted to. They definitely did it for Skyward Sword, and to a lesser extent ALttP. And nothing makes me believe that the other three wishes are without doubt long standing either. You seem to think I’m looking for a wish that wasn’t granted from the start when in reality you asked me to find a wish that was undone at some point. While the wishes in Skyward Sword and ALttP weren’t necessarily undone, the developers still easily found a way around those wishes to continue telling a story. And the wish at the end of Wind Waker is just as vulnerable to that kind of story telling in my mind.

            And the story gets switched up all the time in the Zelda franchise. The Hyrule Historia even states in an excerpt word for word on Page 68 that “This chronicle merely collects information that is believed to be true at this time, and there are many obscured and unanswered secrets that still lie within the tale. As the stories and storytellers of Hyrule change, so, too, does its history.”

            That’s Nintendo basically warning you from the get go that they can change certain things up whenever they choose to if they feel it benefits the ongoing story they’re creating with this franchise. I wouldn’t even be surprised if they eventually release a Ver. 2 of Hyrule Historia including the story of A Link Between Worlds, Triforce Heroes, updated pics featuring Majora’s Mask 3D, Breath of the Wild, etc. It’s nothing to get salty about.

          • Raw4_8guy

            See you say that toon links can exist in other timelines but then you tell me that koroks can’t? You say cel-shading isn’t that important just after you made an entire argument about how cel-shading in BotW is a call back to windwaker….I don’t even think you know what you are saying anymore.
            You are just arguing back and forth with me instead of actually thinking and theorizing.

            There aren’t 18 Zelda games unless you are counting spinoffs in which case Hyrule Warriors also had a wish with the triforce that was granted. About 1/3 of the games have the triforce being wished on and about 1/3 don’t even have the triforce (majora’s mask, 4 swords, 4 sword adventures, minish cap, links awakening, phantom hourglass, spirit tracks, triforce heroes) sorry, more than 1/3 don’t have the triforce which means just about half (if not more) of the games that do have the triforce present have it being wished on so just admit that you are wrong when it comes to a triforce wish not occurring often. It happens at least half the time when the triforce is in the game.

            I’ll make it easy for you to see: the only games that involve the triforce where a wish isn’t being made upon it: ocarina, twilight princess, the oracles and the original Zelda 1. 5 games with no wish being made; 5 games with a wish being made. All other games don’t even have the triforce involved in the story.

            This was your argument: “There are more similarities to adult timeline than downfall timeline in BotW. I very much disagree.

            (A) You brought up graphics as a bullet point – toon links are in adult timeline and link as he looks in BotW more closely resembles the downfall timelines heroes. You can’t admit that can you? Look at BotW Link and tell me if he is a decendant to any of the heroes who he looks more like? Winner: NES/SNES Links

            (B) Let’s talk about Ganon….calamity Ganon Calamity means disaster. What would make him a calamity or disaster of a being? Being resurrected from when we last saw him in windwaker at the bottom of the ocean? Or being falsely resurrected in oracles and then falsely resurrected again in a link between worlds and combined with Yuga? Signs point to downfall timeline in which he has lost all intelligence and doesn’t have memory of his previous life as Ganondorf. In windwaker he wasn’t bereft of his intelligence (that’s a Hyrule Historia description). Looking at calamity Ganon he looks more to resemble a rampaging monster as he is in downfall timeline. Not the smart Gerudo King that he is in adult or child.

            We can agree to disagree and see who ends up being right. My theory is more based on what we know from the games and how they left off and your is based on potential retconning and you deciding what’s important and what’s not (koroks not appearing in any other timeline is key you say but somehow toon link isn’t; Cel-shading is important enough for you to say that it’s a call back to ww and we should take that to mean that this game should be in that timeline, yet cel-shading in of itself is not important??

            Make sense

            And before you get sensitive and cry that I’m not being nice, remember…its just words and nothing to get all salty about

          • Scamper52596

            Toon Links can exist in other Timelines because they already do. Besides, they typically exist in sprite based artwork in other timelines due to the style being easy to replicate. And Triforce Heroes is more so ALBW grounded in its art style. And I never said Koroks can’t exist in other timelines. In fact, I’ve gone on record many times saying that I think they can. I just don’t think that’s the case here, and using the “any timeline” argument as a way to rule out the possibility of BotW being in the Adult Timeline is close minded and lazy theorizing to me.

            There are 18 different canonical Zelda games. 19 including BotW. Count them. You previously didn’t specify games that only had the Triforce as a larger role in them. The Triforce exists in all Zelda games since they’re all apart of the same universe, so that’s what I’m going off of. I honestly don’t really understand what point you’re trying to make with this and I don’t feel the need to entertain whatever your argument is, so I’m just going to leave it at that.

            Well, all Links look pretty alike. I’d personally say that BotW’s Link looks more like Skyward Sword Link to me than the Links in the Downfall Timeline, but I can obviously still see the similarities. Most of the Links in the Downfall Timeline look pretty young to me; younger than BotW’s Link. I don’t typically argue the similarities between different Links for Timeline placements though. As you can see I never actually brought that up previously. You did. I bring up the certain aesthetics, different species, landmarks, patterns and markings, and sometimes art style when looking for connections. You seem to think that my mentioning of a cel shaded art style was some big important detail to me, when really I only brought it up because it’s just another little thing in the grand scheme of Wind Waker influences I can notice from BotW’s footage. Stop trying to act like I made it out to be a big deal in the first place. I didn’t even give it it’s own bullet point. I had it share a bullet point with enemy designs.

            What would make Calamity Ganon a calamity to me is if he were to come and strike Hyrule suddenly when it’s in a prosperous and growing state. The Old Man even says that he came out of nowhere or something along those lines. As you can see by NES Zelda, Ganon already wrecked Hyrule. There wouldn’t really be a huge deal to BotW’s story if it took place after those games. At least that’s how I see it. On the other hand, if he suddenly came about and struck Old Hyrule as it was being recolonized, rebuilt with villages, and becoming prosperous again… That’s obviously just speculation, but it makes a much more compelling story to me than if Ganon were to strike yet again in the Downfall Timeline as it’s already in a declining state.

            My theory is based off of the many connections and probable connections I see between BotW, and WW/OoT. As well as how easy it is to construct a potential story based off of the remnants of Old Hyrule. The Adult Timeline wasn’t even my first pick; before all the E3 footage I thought it was most likely going to be a midquel to Skyward Sword and Minish Cap. And I’m not crying or salty about anything. I rather enjoy talking about the Zelda lore, timeline, and sharing opinions. It’s the reason I posted in the comments section of this article in the first place. I mean, chances are we could both be wrong and BotW ends up being a prequel to Skyward Sword or something stupid like that. Neither of us know for sure where it’s going, and opinions can change depending on what new footage gets revealed in the future.

          • Raw4_8guy

            With the exception of before the timeline split and 4 sword adventures, toon links only exist in adult timeline. It is known that most heroes are descendants of previous heroes or reincarnated versions. Moving forward the adult timeline has been pretty dedicated to the toon link/tetra looking princess. How can you honestly say BotW Link closer resembles skyward sword link as opposed to adventure of link hero in Zelda 2? Now your being stubborn. The downfall heroes have the king sideburns characteristic. I know I’m not the only one that thought that as most that have saw the demo also got the impression of nes links if you read through the various threads. The game is ripping things from the NES series to give that feeling of nostalgia. You say there’s more similarities to adult timeline because of graphics. I say there’s more of a nostalgic call back to the NES/snes stories.

            Here’s 2 articles for you to note:



            No, they do not prove anything about timeline placement however what is said is that they can’t say too much about towns as that will reveal too many spoilers and story info.

            Towns are prominent in the Zelda 2 story so I’m more inclined to still think that has something to do with it. Why would talking about towns spoil a story in adult timeline? Windfall is the only real town. Where as you have a dozen that came out of Zelda 2

          • Scamper52596

            Actually I believe Aonuma has gone on record stating that he saw the original Four Swords as a prequel to OoT even before the Timeline was a bigger deal. And I don’t really see the similarities between BotW Link and the NES games’ Link due to his hair looking awfully more brown in the official art for those games. I tend to notice that they like to design Link for whatever kind of Zelda game they’re making, if that makes any sense. In BotW everything is very run down and over grown so Link has more of an adventure’s lifestyle look to him with longer sideburns and even a ponytail. That’s just the way I’ve always seen it. If there is a greater connection to the Downfall Timeline’s set of Links, then I guess that’ll be official revealed soon enough. Until then I’m not really going to put much thought into it myself.

            I never really saw Towns in Zelda 2 as that prominent to the story. They mostly serve as a safe haven place to heal, regain magic, and pick up upgrades to be able to progress to the next portion of the game. I don’t think the people really say anything of interest, but if you know of something then feel free to let me know. It’s cool how the names of the towns are the same as the Sages in OoT though.

            I actually have a question for you that’s been bugging me. You believe in the Downfall Timeline placement for BotW, right? The Temple of Time from OoT is undeniably featured in BotW, but it’s completely destroyed except for the Pedestal of Time by ALttP. I’m honestly really curious to know of your thought process for that.

          • Raw4_8guy

            Yes four swords is pre OOT and pre split. Did I say something that suggested other? Unfortunately Nintendo made some mistakes along the way and cannot make everything perfect to match Zelda timeline. No temple of time in a link to the past is one of those things. ALTTP came before OOT (in creation not story) so the temple of time was thought of after ALTTP was made. So we either except that it’s something to overlook or we theorize that perhaps the sanctuary is the temple of time. It’s not the worst idea.

          • Scamper52596

            You said something to the extent of Toon Link’s games only existing in the Adult Timeline aside from FSA and the timeline split, but the original FS was said to take place before OoT and that game came out before FSA. It’s whatever. I probably just didn’t read what you said close enough or something.

            And if you say so. I honestly could get behind the idea of the sanctuary being the Temple of Time. But as of now since Hyrule Historia heavily implies that the Temple of Time decayed and broke down around the Pedestal of Time in the Lost Woods before ALttP, I’m not so sure they’ll change it. We’ll see though.

          • Raw4_8guy

            They also say that there were 7 wiseman that sealed Ganon and thus 7 maidens to be collected in alttp in order to break Ganons seal along with princess Zelda (which brings the count to 8) but princess Zelda was the 7th sage in OOT that helped seal Ganon so who is the 8th maiden? Another Zelda hiccup

          • Raw4_8guy

            And links wish at the end of a link to the past was granted. What are you talking about? The dark world became good again (hence giving birth to Lorule) his uncle came back to life, etcetc. He didn’t wish Ganon dead. He killed Ganon and Ganon was resurrected (see oracles)

          • Scamper52596

            What I’m saying is the wish for peace didn’t last forever, just like I’m saying that it’s possible for Hyrule to not have been flooded forever.

          • Raw4_8guy

            One last thing, because I just skimmed through your novel the first time and are only just finishing reading it all. I have to laugh…you said that finding an example of the Triforce’s wish being undone is hard to find. LMAO. It’s not that it’s hard, it’s impossible. It hasn’t happened.

          • Scamper52596

            Obviously I’m aware of that. Now you’re just being completely rude.

          • Raw4_8guy

            His wish actually did last for a Fairly long time when you actually think. There was peace in Hyrule throughout the oracles and links awakening and even a link between worlds. The majority of stuff happened in Lorule and all Hyrule went through was an earthquake

          • Scamper52596

            Ganon got revived in the Oracle games, which don’t take place that long after ALttP. And he got unsealed by Yuga in ALBW with brainwashed guards attacking Link. And Hyrule is nearly destroyed by the time we get to the original NES Zelda. You call that long lasting peace for Hyrule?

          • Kevin Hanaway

            Link to the past , ganon enter sacred rhelm and wishes it to be the dark world, and right at the end link makes his wish undoing what has been done, example his uncle being alive and bringing back the king of hyrule. example of the tri force undoing a previous wish, however i believe this new game is placed on the fallen hero timeline.

          • Raw4_8guy

            No, it didn’t “un-do” its previous wish. Link’s wish was to restore peace and return the king and his uncle to life. His uncle and the king weren’t killed due to the Triforce’s wish. The king was killed by Aghanim and his uncle died trying to save Zelda.

          • Raw4_8guy

            A link to the past backstory, Ganon was sealed in the sacred realm. It became the dark world because of Ganons evil but it did t get like that because he wished it. Ganon killed link and had the triforce but was sealed away by the sages. That’s why Aghanim was capturing the maidens, as a way to break the seal. I don’t think Ganon wished on the triforce, he was sealed. My point is that I don’t believe that the triforce “un-did” anything. Peace was just restored. Anyway, we agree that breath of the wild is in fallen time line

  • Ryann Ertz

    I don’t see how the koroks could be in the game if it weren’t after ww they evolved BECAUSE of the flood from the kokiri if I’m not mistaken.

    Plus Ganondorf isn’t really killed in ww, he’s turned to stone and sealed in hyrule castle which is where he’s said to be sealed away in botw… you may not be 100% but I’m 99%

    • Raw4_8guy

      The flood isn’t the reason they evolved. How could it? How could a flood cause a species to evolve? Do Noah and all the animals he put on his arc evolve when the world was flooded?

      No, the cause of their evolvement was their guardian diety – the deku tree. Just like valoo (the guardian diety of the rito) is the cause of them further evolving by growing their wings and the water dragon (guardian diety of those fish from skyward sword) causing them to evolve into the Zora’s eventually.

      My point is that it’s not a natural disaster that causes species to evolve, it’s the guardian deities. Deku tree evolved the Kokori into the koroks in windwaker so they can fly to the islands to plant seeds every year (to connect the islands not drain the water – draining the world is just silly and illogical).

      Thus, the deku tree can evolve his forest spirits whenever he pleases. As is probably the case in the other timelines

  • Magnus Knutsen

    Rock Salt can be found pretty much anywhere in the world as a result of tectonic plate movement. Finding salt in the mountain is in no way a sure sign that it was at one point covered by an ocean, its an extremely common geologic phenomenon. Wouldn’t get too hyped over this, the salt might just be for cooking and nothing else.

    • Raw4_8guy

      Thank you. Someone else that sees that

    • Taylor Edwards

      What is it with people trying to apply real world science to a Zelda game? NINTENDO DOESN’T TAKE ANY OF THAT STUFF INTO ACCOUNT!!!

  • K Nichole Howard

    I spent several days discussing this among friends and we’ve come to one conclusion: it’s a new timeline split. Specifically, it’s after Link is defeated by Ganon during the battle in OoT, and so the Knights of Hyrule attempt to seal him away in the Sealing War that leads up to LttP.

    The split is that they lost the sealing war. This is the only current split in the timeline where the Sheikah live on, repopulating, instead of dying out (the hero defeated timeline), and with the hero defeated, they attempt to resurrect him to stop the forces of evil. With evil’s victory, the world falls to ruin.

    To get meta, the timeline splits happen at all because of that battle in OoT. When Link wins,there are two scenarios: Ganondorf is sealed (Great flood, WW), or failing to seal him, the Sacred Realm is protected (execution and banished to Twilight, TP). When Link loses, there’s one (current) scenario: Ganondorf is sealed (Sealing War, LttP). This game already looks to follow a story where Ganon wasn’t sealed, and so they at least kept him out of the Sacred Realm, with demonic forces swirling around Hyrule Castle and Zelda holding evil at bay from getting to the sacred power but evil taking over the lands outside the castle.

    There may be a couple assumptions in this, but watching their videos show that Link is awakening in a tomb named the Shrine of Resurrection, sealed by Sheikah magic, which means he’s dead and not reincarnating. This is a key point to consider in placing it in the timeline, as it has to be somewhere Link wouldn’t be reincarnating, and revived by Sheikah magic into the lands of old Hyrule (ie not post-Spirit Tracks New Hyrule), which almost certainly means he’s still fighting the same threat and it’s never been quelled, and he was defeated at its hands. The Koroks can also be explained by this in that it’s never stated that they evolved because of the flood, but because it was beneficial to them to do so. In this newly wild and evil-ruled Hyrule, remaining childlike Kokiri could have been a threat to their lives and so they evolved into the Koroks to stay safe and still protect the forests.

    I can’t be 100% sure until we get more info, but we spent such a long time systematically ruling out EVERY OTHER LOCATION in the timeline, so I am at least certain that this is the only place it makes sense with every bit of information we have so far, besides putting it a very, VERY long time following Adventure of Link or Twilight Princess. And I mean a VERY long time. Long enough to start an entire new timeline and history for Zelda games going into the future of Nintendo.

    Edit: I could get more meta and explain how this spot in the timeline opens up potential for a new incarnation of Demise, as well as why the world isn’t shrouded in darkness, and why the temple of time is on a plateau, and how the Sheikah were able to make their shrines all over the land, and why the Master Sword appears so rusted, and just so much more, but I prefer to not explain things with meta views. Those are more for why lore explanations were written, explaining lore while lore explains the world. We need more videos until I can speak with certainty on those, but there is in-game support already for all of this.

    • Raw4_8guy

      The sheikah didn’t die out in downfall trimeline. Impa is still alive. We never see more than 1 sheikah (Impa) in any of the games so it’s always implied that they live in secret – the same would hold true in downfall timeline as Impa is alive as of NES series. There isn’t going to be a 4th split, that would be insane. Hyrule Historia set the table. There are 3 timelines. 1 of which the hero was defeated and Hyrule is in decline (downfall). 1 which the hero was victorious and Ganon was killed and Hyrule is in a state of prosperity (child). And 1 where Hyrule and Ganon were obliterated and there is a “Brave New World” with new threats and places to be discovered (adult).

      These are the 3 routes Nintendo has established for the Zelda series. I cannot be the only one that sees this.

  • Fernando Adrian

    I think that that theory of “converges” the 3 timelines cant be true, because timelines dont work that way, I think more in a world like a limbo, where there are places, people, and things from every zelda to date :S

    • Raw4_8guy

      Agreed again

  • Ninten

    Just because Korok’s are in the game doesn’t men it’s the wind waker timeline. The sea isn’t going anywhere unless someone wished for it to be receeded with triforce. The rest of the Adult Timeline would take place in new hyrule. I think it’s in the defeated her timeline. There’s more evidence that it’s in that timeline then in the Adult Timeline.

    • Raw4_8guy


    • Taylor Edwards

      You mean like Link’s sideburns? Cause that’s not evidence.

      • Ninten

        Master sword is in the same location as it was in attlp

      • Ninten

        Besides the sideburns.

        • Taylor Edwards

          Then what?

  • This guy is making an awesome zelda animation about the timeline too

  • Alfred Roos

    It could be a new Link that we haven’t yet seen in any game currently on the timeline. Nothing can say we won’t get a game after this where we play a hundred years before this game.
    Also worth noting, this Link is left handed.

  • Jeroen

    I think and hope that Nintendo is tricking us all by leting us think that waking up in the resuracting chamber is an event that starts the game. It could be as easy be an event that happens somewhere in the midlle of the game! I’m not aming at time travel but more to alternative reality travel. By that we have to solve 3 reality’s – aduld, child and falen hero- to bind these timelines back to one.

  • Wiitab360

    I think it is in the Fall of the Hero timeline, immediately after Ocarina of Time.

  • Coolio

    with the finished game now out and me having played up until before the second dungeon that i decided to tackle, i can confirm that this takes place a long time after OOT. One of the entries for the Zora talks about the Zora girl that you meet in ocarina of time, and considering another one of the entries is worn down with text after you read it saying something like “time has really worn this out”, that means it takes place LONG after it. also there were 2 attacks from ganon mentioned in this game: one that happened 10,000 years ago that was sealed using the divine beasts and guardians and the one that happened only 100 years ago where zelda, link, and the 4 sages tried to seal him away. they failed and link fell, leaving zelda to hold ganon at bay for 100 years and now the descendants must take up the task of piloting the beasts just like 100 years ago. they use the terminology of link “falling” which at first led me to believe that this is the oot link but that doesnt make much sense, because the memories arent from ocarina. i believe that this is an all new timeline that splits and differs from oot where link had only 4 sages and divine beasts to help him, rather than seven.

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