7 Best Rings of Power Characters, Ranked

There are many characters in Rings of Power that anyone can fall in love with.

by Jordan Bragais
Image: Amazon Studios

The end of the first season of Rings of Power left us all with a cliffhanger of the year and gave us fans a lot to expect for the next season. The impact that the series gave to both fans of and new viewers of the Lord of the Rings spinoff is something to absolutely love. The list below is just some of the best characters from the Rings of Power Prime Video series.

Note: This article contains major spoilers for the series.

7. Theo

Image: Amazon Studios

Theo is an essential character in the plot and is memorable for his questionable actions throughout the entire first season of the series. Though he may not be as likable as the other characters, his struggles, eagerness to belong somewhere, and naive mindset as a young man can be indeed relatable to a lot of us and we may see him become a redeemable character in the future.

Before the first season ended he finally found humility and learned that he is indeed a soldier with the heart of a hero.

6. Sadoc Burrows

Image: Amazon Studios

Like all the other Harfoot people, Sadoc Burrows values their long traditions and the safety and integrity of his people, which is why he is fit to lead them during their long and harrowing migrations. Sadoc Burrows though does not only act according to his people’s tradition, he is open to welcoming strangers in need, and is willing to save them from incoming danger.

Though his life was short, he was able to impact Nori and the Harfoot people in a way that only a true leader that knows love, sentiment, and care can truly achieve.

5. Disa

Image: Amazon Studios

As the wife of Durin IV and the future queen of the Dwarves, Disa is an incredibly lovable character that perfectly portrays what a loving mother and loyal wife really look like. She prays for those who are in danger, she protects her husband and the secrets of her race yet does not take any pleasure from lying, and even when an old elven friend hasn’t visited for the past 20 years, she accepts him to their home as if only a day has passed.

Disa is indeed a lovable and memorable character in the Rings of Power, one who contrasts other characters that portray fear, vengeance, and anger. Disa is a breath of fresh air in the series and thus earned her place in this list.

4. Nori Brandyfoot

Image: Amazon Studios

A character that shows a curious and courageous Harfoot that looks to see the world beyond their trail. Nori Brandyfoot is a young Harfoot from a humble family who follows their people’s tradition and watches each other’s backs. But on one fateful day, she encounters a stranger who originated from the stars and changed her life forever.

Throughout her adventure with the stranger, she has actively shown that not only she is capable of going off trail from her family, but she has a heart of gold where she cannot simply leave a person distressed and in the way of danger.

3. Elrond

Image: Amazon Studios

A good example of a good friend and a loyal companion, Elrond has shown what patience and truth can get you. From becoming a wise adviser to staying true to his friends, he is a character that’s been unshaken by the number of problems put in front of him.

Elrond has shown humility and companionship to his close friend Durin IV and created a dynamic that truly sticks with the viewers. Their brotherhood towards each other is truly remarkable and it has in fact made a mark in the hearts of us viewers.

2. Durin IV

Image: Amazon Studios

A character who carries a mountain on his back, Durin IV is a dwarven prince who is under so much pressure from his father’s agenda and the responsibilities of a future king. Durin has endured a more emotional and heart-wrenching experience throughout the first season of Rings of Power.

In the series, it is revealed that for the past 20 years, he has married and fathers two children, while his relationship with his father only grows weary. After discovering a new ore called Mithril, he must keep its existence a secret for the safety of his people, but unfortunately, he is also burdened with the fact that his friend and their race’s life rely on obtaining more of the Mithril ore.

1. Galadriel

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The protagonist who has experienced grief and growth, Galadriel is an elven warrior who took the task her brother took when the war against Morgoth began. She has since then lived most of her life hunting down the last of her enemy’s kind and making sure that they cease to thrive.

Her hunt continues even after the first season, but throughout her adventure, she learns to value the importance of old allies and the lives of those who honor and stand with her against the forces of evil. She has learned that her fight against Sauron is not only hers and that she no longer needs to walk her journey alone.

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