Everything We Know About the Fantastic Four MCU Cast: Who is Playing Mr. Fantastic, Human Torch, and Other Heroes?

Check out everything we know about the cast of the upcoming Fantastic Four movie!

by Franklin Bellone Borges


Mr. Fantastic just debuted in the MCU on Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, well, kinda, as the hero, played by actor and director John Krasinski, known for his work on both A Quiet Place movies, as well as for his role as Jim Halpert on The Office, was part of an alternative reality. But with that said, which actors/actresses will play the main versions of the Fantastic Four members in the MCU? To answer that and more, here’s everything we know about the upcoming MCU Fantastic Four movie.

Fantastic Four Cast: Who is Playing Mr. Fantastic, Human Torch, and Other Heroes?

Currently, even though, as we said above, John Krasinski played an alternative version of Mister Fantastic (Reed Richards), there is no official news regarding who will play the leader of the Fantastic Four in the main MCU timeline, as Multiverse of Madness’s director Sam Raimi hinted that Krasinsky’s casting as the leader of the team may have been a one-time occurrence, made taking into account that the movie takes place in multiple universes.

With that said, although no news or new rumors regarding the actors chosen or being considered to play Mister Fantastic, the Invisible Woman (Sue Storm), and the Human Torch (Johnny Storm) surfaced, a new rumor surrounding the upcoming MCU She-Hulk series suggests that the series will feature Jason Segel as The Thing (Ben Grimm). Segel is best known for his role as fan-favorite Marshall Eriksen on CBS’ How I Met Your Mother.

When will the MCU Fantastic Four Movie be Released?

Set to take part during the MCU’s Phase 4, the movie is set to be released somewhere in 2024. Originally, Jon Watts, the director of the MCU’s Spider-Man Trilogy, was supposed to direct the film, but the director left the project a few months ago. According to Deadline’s Justin Kroll, Kevin Feige is currently looking to get a big name to lead the project.

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You can currently watch Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness on Disney Plus, Prime Video, and on Vudu. Physical versions of the movie are set to be released on July 26, 2022, and will be available through various official retailers.

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