Four Knights of the Apocalypse Special Chapter Spoilers and Raw Scans, Explained

Don't miss the action in the special chapter of the Four Knights of the Apocalypse! Check out the spoilers and raw scans explained.

by Matthew Kevin Mitchell
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Are you looking for the Four Knights of the Apocalypse special chapter spoilers, raw scans, and an explainer? Luckily, a chapter about Chion was released before chapter 108, giving us extra content and insight into the characters we love (and hate). So here is everything you need to know about the special Four Knights of the Apocalypse special chapter and how it relates to chapter 108.

Four Knights of the Apocalypse Special Chapter Spoilers

Here are the Four Knights of the Apocalypse special chapter spoilers with the untranslated raw scans.

  • Pic 1:
    • Center: Ruling over his elementals yet devoting himself to his master.
    • Title: Special chapter – Chion’s ordeal
  • Pic 2:
    • Margin: Chion’s mysterious past is being revealed…!!
    • This happens 13 years prior to the present events…
    • Dad, mom… Wait for me.
    • […]
    • By nature, the boy resembles his father, is bright and serious.
    • […]
    • […]
    • […]
  • Pic 3:
    • […]
    • […]
    • Mh…
    • […]
    • Mom…?
    • […]
    • […]
  • Pic 4:
    • […]
    • Uhuh.♡
    • He grasped the situation even with his child’s mind.
    • […]
    • He understood that he cannot escape the adult woman.
    • In order to escape her extreme attachment to him and her magic,
    • […]
    • […]
    • he had to wait for an opportunity without being able to fight her back…
  • Pic 5:
    • The kingdom was in an uproar for a moment and went on a large-scale search for him. But the search came to a dead end for lack of a single lead, and five years went by in a blink of an eye…
    • […]
    • […]
    • […]
    • […]
  • Pic 6:
    • […]
    • […]
    • […]
    • […]
    • Huh?
    • Then what was the magic you used earlier?
    • […]
    • I reluctanly had to be separated from Gil… from your dad in tears… Aah, how infurious!!
    • So I cast a curse on him so that he will never have any success with woman for all his life!!
    • Uhihih… serves him right.
    • But relax, okay?
    • Because you are your mom’s favorite person, little Chion
  • Pic 7:
    • Whoa.
    • I’m happy to hear that.
    • Get cursed, get cursed!!
    • Heh…
    • What a treacherous old hag.
    • Living a long time with an emotionally unstable and wicked Vivian
    • Shit… why did she have to send me looking for something in the storage room… has had a bad influence on the young Chion…
    • SFX: Fall
    • Ah!
  • Pic 8:
    • Oh crap!!
    • Don’t go out!!
    • SFX: Slow burning
    • Aaaah, please…
    • Moreover…
    • Kyoh?
    • What’s this…? A lizard?
    • Oh, isn’t that a salamader, a fire elemental…?
      Is… is that you?
    • Elemental…?
    • You have a talent for elemental magic.♡
  • Pic 9:
    • While Vivian must make Chion her successor, Chion must escape from Vivian with his own strength.
    • Hence he made his talent blossom as an elementalist.
    • Another year went by.
    • SFX: Snore noises
    • SFX: ……..snores
    • Do it, sylph.
  • Pic 10:
    • I… can’t…breathe…
    • Huh? How? Ch… Chi.. Chion…
    • Have a taste of my six years of suffering, shitty old hag.
    • SFX: Hard breathing
    • SFX: Hard breathing
      Well then, I’m going home.
    • Come out, salamander…
    • SFX: Hard breathing
  • Pic 11:
    • I count on you, gnome.
    • Serves you right!!!
    • I finally did it!!!
    • The place looks awfully fun to go!!
    • It’s dangerous to go there!
  • Pic 12:
    • Are you perhaps lost?
    • Are you alone? Where are your dad and mom?
    • Bow your heads to me for I am… the son of Liones’ Holy knight Gilthunder and Liones’ first princess Margaret.
    • This is how the three met. Chion turned 9 and made a safe return to the kingdom to live a peaceful life with his father and his mother for quite a while. He would again be abducted by Vivian a few years later however Tristan came to save him. This is how he came to have a blind faith on Tristan, but that’s for another story…
    • Bottom: The awakened Behemoth assaults the Demon realm!! To be continued in chapter 108 – The calamitous Behemoth.
    • Margin: Chion, Isolde, Jade. The relationship between the three of Tristan’s platoon starts here!!

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Four Knights of the Apocalypse Chapter Special Chapter Explained

Here is the summary of the special chapter that tells us about Chion’s past and shows why Chion is so crazy today. This goes deeper into the story than the spoilers and untranslated scans above.

Chion had a close and loving relationship with his parents as a child. However, at the age of three, he was taken by Vivian, who believed he was a copy of Gilthunder and could not bear to be without him. Because of this, Vivian wants Chion to be her son.

Despite years of searching, Gilthunder, Meliodas, and Howzer couldn’t find him. Vivian resided on a rocky mountain, surrounded by rats and hidden deep within it.

Due to his prolonged isolation from Vivian, Chion developed emotional instability and deceitful behavior during childhood. One night, Vivian tasked him with finding an item to perform a spell, but a dropped candle led to the unexpected appearance of Salamandra. Then, Vivian discovered Chion’s innate ability to communicate with spirits.

Vivian trained Chion until he was a master in the spiritual arts. Then, one day, while Vivian was sleeping, Chion used the wind spirit to suffocate her and escape from her and Salamandra to burn where she lives.

Using the power of the earth’s spirit, he ascended to the mountain’s summit, where he encountered Jade and Isolde. Isolde was only nine years old and lived with Vivian nearby.

The young boy was taken by his parents to the kingdom of Liones, where he had a fulfilling life with other children. However, Vivian took him captive once more, and Tristan ultimately saved him. But that is a tale for another time.

- This article was updated on September 7th, 2023

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