How to Read the Wool Book Series in Order

Here's how to read the Wool book series in order so you can understand the fantastic universe created by Howey and continued in the new TV series.

by Matthew Kevin Mitchell
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Are you wondering how to read the Wool book series in order after watching the hit new Silo series on Apple TV+? The well-liked TV series is an adaptation of the Wool book series, initially consisting of self-published stories by Hugh Howey that later evolved into the Silo series. Although it may appear perplexing, we’ve covered you with all the information you need to appreciate this exceptional literary experience fully.

How to Read the Silo Series in Order

Understanding the Wool series may be challenging since it originated from a short story authored in 2011. Later, Howey produced four sequel novellas that were consolidated into a novel. Then, following the success of his previous work, he went on to write the remaining titles Silo series, which can be found in Shift and Dust. Ultimately, all these works were combined to form the Silo trilogy.

  • Wool, Book 1
    • Proper Gauge (2011)
    • Casting Off (2011)
    • The Unraveling (2011)
    • The Stranded (2012)
  • Shift, Book 2
    • First Shift — Legacy (2012)
    • Second Shift — Order (2012)
    • Third Shift — Pact (2013)
  • Dust, Book 3 (2013)

I highly recommend buying The Silo Series Collection on Amazon as it contains all of Howey’s stories in the correct read order and additional bonuses you won’t get from buying the titles individually. This collection provides the best reading experience possible, and trust me you will want all the extras you can get because you’ll be sad when the main trilogy is over.

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What is the Meaning of Wool?

According to Howey, in an interview with SFFWorld, Wool was used for the name of the book series about the old phrase “Pull the wool over my eyes.” The series also references sheep meaning the metaphorical blind followers who do what they’re told without questioning the motivations behind those giving the orders. Finally, Wool refers to humans being sheep when fleeced or taken advantage of.

Howey also mentioned that if you look at the center of the Wool cover, the two Os are eyes staring out at the world. He used this to ask: is the wool pulled down over what we see? or do we see through it? The answer to this question is what Howey hopes bounces through his readers’ minds as they read the Wool series.

- This article was updated on May 30th, 2023

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