One-Punch Man Chapter 185 Release Date, Time, and Spoilers

A new hero association emerges?

by J.R. Waugh
One-Punch Man Chapter 185 Release
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One-Punch Man continues to entertain and amuse readers years after its manga debut, regardless of the medium you choose to read it on. However, following the release pattern of even a popular seinen series like this can be difficult. If you want to know any discernible release date and time patterns for One-Punch Man updates like Chapter 185, read on!

One-Punch Man Chapter 185 Release Date and Time

One-Punch Man Chapter 185 has an anticipated release in Japanese at midnight JST, May 18, 2023. This is confirmed by Yusuke Murata’s official Twitter account, typically announcing new chapters the moment they become available. Murata is the illustrator of the Tonari no Young Jump version written by series creator One. For those who can read it in Japanese, the creators helpfully link to the original chapters hosted on the Tonari Young Jump website. New chapters typically release biweekly, barring hiatuses.

However, if you’re like many other international readers and wish to catch the chapter in English translations, you’ll have to wait. While English scanlations typically surface even within the same day of the official release, Viz Media’s One-Punch Man portal hosts any officially translated chapters as they become available.

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The English release pattern is more irregular than the Japanese one, with some chapters releasing a week after the previous one, and then another 3 weeks later. However, it’s only one chapter behind the Japanese original so you can read up to Chapter 181 in English here! You can reasonably expect Chapter 182 to release on May 10, 2023, as well.

OPM Chapter 184 Spoilers and What to Expect in Chapter 185

Tatsumaki makes a new ad and finds it completely altered thanks to AI intervention, much to her dismay. Another win for the AI crowd, right? In a way, yes, the producers at the Hero Association see this as a positive publicity stunt, using previous footage to doctor the image of the Tornado of Terror.

Meanwhile, a vigilante known as “Axel” is met by the Hero Association in an attempt to recruit him, but he sees through their PR stunts and only sees an organization aimed at protecting its executives. However, it turns out there’s another hero organization, the Neo Heroes, as mentioned by Raiden, a powerful sumo wrestler who also turns down the Hero Association’s attempts.

The Neo Heroes will likely factor in more greatly for upcoming chapters, first appearing in Chapter 110 of the webcomic after being mentioned in Chapter 108. Moreover, Genos also hints at his concerns about the Hero Association in the final moments of Chapter 184.

Why Are One-Punch Man Chapters Numbered Differently?

You may have noticed that One-Punch Man will release several chapters in sequence, weeks apart, with the same numbering on some. This has resulted in readers being a bit confused, as Japanese issues will display this without seemingly any correction. English chapters, however, are consistent with the numbering.

What this means is that Chapter 185 as it is referred to by fans will likely be published as Chapter 183. To add further confusion, the original webcomic this manga is based on also has a different pacing for those looking into the series. On the Tonari Young Jump site, the most recent release is Chapter 229, but advertised as “Chapter 182” or “Punch 182.” If their goal is to confuse AI bots cobbling together this information, I can respect that, but for those trying to keep track, it can get a bit tricky.

- This article was updated on May 4th, 2023

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