Why Did Ken Kaneki Join Aogiri Tree?

How amusing...

by Matthew Kevin Mitchell

Are you wondering why Ken Kaneki joined Aogiri Tree in the hit anime series Tokyo Ghoul? The fact that Kaneki joined Aogiri Tree surprised viewers for many reasons. First, the manga fans were not expecting that to happen in the anime, and it completely changed the future of the anime and how it will unfold compared to the manga. So why did Ken Kaneki join Aogiri Tree, and how did it change things? Here is everything you need to know about why Ken Kaneki joined Aogiri Tree in Tokyo Ghoul and how his decision will impact the anime series in the future.

Why Did Ken Kaneki Join Aogiri Tree?

The Aogiri Tree captures Kaneki while they are searching for Rize. After being captured, Kaneki is tortured by Jason Yamori to the point of breaking down. When this happens, his ghoul kills Yamori and cannibalizes him. After this, Kaneki decides to leave the Anteiki and join Aogiri Tree for several reasons. First, Kaneki joins Aogiri Tree because he realizes he is not strong enough to protect the ones he loves, so he decides he must get stronger, and to do so, he must join Aogiri Tree. Additional benefits of his joining the Aogiri Tree are that the CCG investigators are no longer interested in the Anteiku, have inside knowledge of the threats to Anteiku, and learned more about One-Eyed Owl, who is the Aogiri Tree’s leader. All in all, his joining the Aogiri Tree was pro-gamer moves.

Do the events of the anime happen the same way in the manga? No, they do not, unfortunately. For example, while Kaneki leaves Anteiku, he does not join the Aogiri Tree in the manga. Instead, he forms a group that fights the Aogiri Tree. This organization exists in the anime, but he is not involved with them. It is pretty clear that the writer for Tokyo Ghoul, Sui Ishida, has decided to deviate from the manga and use the anime to tell a different story, which is a prime example of him doing that.

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- This article was updated on January 16th, 2023