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Whether you’re a hardened PUBG player or a rookie, one of the most challenging things to master is zeroing distance for different weapons.  When using a scope in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, you’ll see on the screen a zeroing distance…. so what is zeroing distance and how do you use it.

While a lot of modern military shooters use a zeroing distance for things like sniper rifles, all games differ.  In PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, you have a little more information to work with than other games.  Since each square on the map is 100m x 100m you can use zeroing distance to make more accurate shots if you really want to get technical with the game.

Zeroing Distance is essentially the vertical adjustment that you must make for how far away another player is.  For example, say you are trying to shoot a player that is 500m away.  Your scope has a zeroing distance of 100m.  You would need to aim higher than the player to adjust for the drop of the bullet due to the distance of the shot.

Another example is that if a player was exactly 100m away and you had a zeroing distance of 100m, theorhetically the bullet would go directly where you aim it.

One last example is that if you set the zeroing distance for 500m and your target is only 100m away and your crosshairs are directly on the target’s head your bullet will overshoot the target.

Zeroing distance in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds can be changed by using the Page Up/Down Keys on PC.

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