Destiny 2 Has a New PC Performance Problem for Some Players

Destiny 2 players should consider switching to consoles if these problems do not stop.

by Carlos Hurtado


Recently some Destiny 2 players have been sharing issues with the game’s PC port. This version of the game has been causing some performance-related issues. Many players have been experiencing similar problems, so this is not by any chance a coincidence.

Destiny 2 was released back in 2017 and since then it has gathered an enormous audience committed to the franchise that started many years ago. Currently, the game has around 60 thousand players, and it does not look like it will decrease anytime soon. Bungie has managed to keep players interested with all the expansions and additions to the title. Destiny 2 did not only release on console but the PC platform as well, and unfortunately, it also came with the common problems that most PC titles experience.

A few hours ago, a post on the official Destiny the game subreddit shared a common experience regarding the game’s performance on the PC platform, and unfortunately, a lot of players are experiencing similar issues. According to the post, many players have been experiencing sudden fps drops after some updates. The user that wrote the post reported having performance-related issues this week, and even though he found a solution to the problem, a lot of players are sharing their problems on the PC platform.

According to several players, their game can go from having 140 fps to 50 in a matter of seconds every time they are in certain areas or are fighting against many enemies. Some players report having these issues since some updates went live, but most cases are different, so there have to be many reasons for this kind of performance.

The thing is that PC players with high-end pcs are also experiencing these issues. Performance issues on the PC platform are usually related to old hardware and specs that cannot handle the game, but in many of these cases, this does not happen.

Some Destiny 2 players even claim that going from a mid-end PC setup to a higher one does not do much when it comes to performance, so they are not surprised by all these performance issues. All players can do right now is hope for a quick solution from the developers. PC games are often subject to poor performance, so seasoned PC gamers are used to this kind of situation.

Destiny 2 is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Google Stadia. For more information regarding the title, go to the official Destiny 2 Twitter page.

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