5 Best Minecraft Bed Wars Servers

Bedwars is a player-versus-player Minecraft minigame that pits two or more teams of players against each other in a battle royale. Players start the game on a floating island and must use the tools available to make it to their rival’s island and destroy their bed while keeping their own from meeting the same fate, with the end goal being to be the last team standing once the dust has settled.

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Players who want to try out what is rapidly becoming one of the most popular Minecraft minigames out there have plenty of servers to choose from. However, it’s essential to know which Bedwars server is best for you; otherwise, you might face off against players who are much more experienced than you. Here is our pick of the five best Minecraft Bedwars servers.

5 Best Minecraft Bedwar Servers in 2023

The ocean of Minecraft servers that allow you to play Bedwars is vast, and most have something good going for them. The servers listed below are the best we could find, and they all have at least one unique perk that makes them worth looking into. Let’s take a look at some of the best.

5. Bridger Land

Bridger Land is an excellent Minecraft server for players still finding their footing in the minigame circuit. Bridger Land is a “training ground” that allows you to practice playing Minecraft minigames until you feel comfortable enough to dabble in more competitive servers. Bedwars is one of the many minigames that Bridger Land supports, and the server offers specialized “courses” designed to help you hone the many stable Bedwars techniques, from PvP to speedbridging.

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4. Mineland

Mineland is one of the more popular Minecraft minigame servers, and Bedwars is one of its main attractions. There’s never a shortage of players looking to get in a bit of Bedwars on Mineland, so you rarely have to wait for a lobby to fill with enough players, and the sheer size of the server’s player base ensures that you’ll be playing with and against a healthy mix of newbies and experienced veterans.

3. BlockDrop

Blockdrop is a cracked Minecraft server that began as a gathering place for Bedwars-enthusiasts but has since expanded into a massive hub of Minecraft minigame activity. BlockDrop’s main claim to fame is its expansive tier-based matchmaking mechanic, which allows players to decide how many teams they’ll be up against and how many players are on them. This enables you to choose how intense every round of Bedwars you play in the server will be.

2. BlocksMC

BlocksMC is one of the newer Minecraft minigame servers out there, but it’s quickly becoming one of the most popular. With a user-friendly interface and a ranking system that lets you see where you and other players stand in terms of experience, Blocks MC is great for players who feel ready to dip their toes in more competitive waters. However, it still ensures that those who want to partake in friendlier competition can enjoy themselves.

1. HyPixel

Anyone remotely familiar with the Minecraft minigame server-verse knew this was coming. In the near decade since its launch in 2013, HyPixel has established itself as the unconquerable king of Minecraft minigame servers, and its Bedwars scene is one of the biggest in the world. Minecraft legends like the late Technoblade out their start playing Bedwars in HyPixel, and the server’s dedication to improving its user interface and matchmaking mechanics will likely continue to draw new and old players for years to come.

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