Black Ops 4 How to Inspect Weapon

You might as well admire that gun skin that took hours to unlock.

by AOTF Staff

In Black Ops 4, cosmetic gun skins are bigger than ever before as Signature Weapons are one of the main draws to progressing through the tiered Contraband system.  What good is that fancy gun skin if you can’t take a look at it yourself.  Well you can inspect your weapon in Black Ops 4.  With a press on the d-pad you can take a moment to look at your weapon in-game to get a closer look of what a gun skin looks like.

While in a Black Ops 4 match you’re going to want to press left on the d-pad.  You’ll only want to tap this button and it will bring up an animation that holds the gun on it’s side to get a closer look at it.  Be warned though, this command is for use in a multiplayer match and examining your weapon will leave you defenseless for a brief period.

However you can still move while examining your weapon and you can quickly go back to shooting by either pressing the Left Trigger to Aim Down Sights or you can hip fire out of this animation by pressing the Right Trigger.  Examining your weapon can be basically be done at any time during a match by just pressing left on the d-pad.

If you want to take a closer look at the weapon in a less dangerous environment, head into create-a-class and you can view all of the different skins from there as well.