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Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade – How To Get The Free Item Pack DLC

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When Final Fantasy VII Remake released last year, Square Enix offered some special items that were given out for different reasons. There were a few different versions of the game, some of which included some exclusive content, while there was also a giveaway that gave away some items as well. Three of these were summons tied to the different versions of the game or pre-orders, but now Square Enix is giving those who upgrade to Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade all of the previous DLC content for free. This isn’t just included natively in the game though, so we have created a guide to explain how to get and access this content.

How To Get The Free Item Pack DLC

The Free Item Pack DLC includes eight items for use in the game, including the three summons of Carbuncle, Chocobo Chick, and Cactuar, as well as five pieces of equipment. While the summons were version or pre-order based, the five equipment items were giveaways through Butterfinger when they were also giving a Dynamic Wallpaper for the game on PS4 last year. Now they are all available in Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade by going through a few steps.

To start, go to the dashboard of your PS5 and go to the icon for Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade. From there, start pressing down and keep going down. You may see an icon on the right side advertising the Cacstar weapon for Yuffie in the Intermission DLC for $9.99, but that is not what we’re looking for, so keep scrolling down.

Eventually, you’ll reach the bottom where the Add-Ons are located, which include a few different things for you to choose from. The one you want should be located on the right side, unless they shuffle around, which is titled the Final Fantasy VII Remake Item Pack. Click on it and select to Download it and it will download each of the items.

Now make sure they are finished downloading and start up Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade. You should be prompted with a window that tells you that ‘Additional content has been downloaded’ and then tells you to select System, and then DLC on the main menu of the game to acquire. This is not referring to the title menu with like New Game and such, but rather in-game.

The great thing is that these eight items are not only able to be used in the base game, but also can be used by Yuffie and Sonon in the Intermission DLC as well. They are accessed the same way mentioned above from the System menu, so just do that and you’ll be able to have these items, which can likely help you acquire Ramuh as well.

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