Horizon: Zero Dawn Guide: How To Override Machines

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The world of Horizon: Zero Dawn is definitely one of the most unique in all of gaming, with robotic creatures that resemble dinosaurs and animals roaming the landscape. While you will be spending a lot of your time either sneaking around these creatures or fighting them, there is another option that can make your experience all the better, which is to override them.

Horizon: Zero Dawn is all about the limited use of technology in this post-apocalyptic world, with you gaining the ability to take control of the different enemies you find in the game. Not too far into the game, you will be tasked with overriding a Strider, which is a horse-like machine.

Overriding itself is rather easy, but can certainly get much more problematic with the stronger enemies. The basic method of overriding is to sneak up on the unsuspecting machine, while taking advantage of areas like tall grass. Some of the upgraded skills can help with this as well to make your a more silent lurker.

If you can sneak up on the robot without them noticing you, you will see two options, either for you to execute a silent strike with R1, which may or may not destroy them depending on their size, or for you to override them by holding down Triangle.

You can’t simply press Triangle, as that will end the sequence and probably lead to you getting seen. Just hold down the button and eventually you will have taken over the programming of the various machines in the game.

There are a few of these machines that you can actually mount to ride around, but the majority of them will just be reprogrammed to help you in battle. However, the override is not permanent, so be very careful with how you plan on using them. Thankfully, there are some Combat Override skills that can help with that.

At the start of the game, the number of machines that you can override is pretty small, but you can expand the number of machine types that you can override by completing the Cauldrons throughout the game.

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