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The drone is one of the cooler features in Microsoft Flight Simulator that allows you to take some amazing screenshots and see some of the amazing visuals in the game.  The drone basically follows your plane and can be used to capture some great moments from unique camera angles.  In this guide we’ll explain how to launch the drone and control it in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020.

How to Use the Drone in Microsoft Flight Simulator

The Drone can be deployed using the “Insert” key on your keyboard.  This could be labeled as “Ins” as well.  Pressing the button will toggle between drone mode and normal mode.  You can also still toggle between different camera angles while using the drone mode, and there are a number of different controls within the drone mode that you can use as well.

Drone Controls List Microsoft Flight Simulator

Drone Control Controller Keyboard
Toggle Drone Depth of Field B + Y F1
Toggle Foreground B + left on d-pad F5
Drone Top Down View X + Y Ctrl + Space
Attach Drone to Next Target None Ctrl + Page Up
Attach Drone to Previous Target None Ctrl + Page Down
Toggle Drone Auto Exposure Y + LS Ctrl + F4
Toggle Drone Auto Focus B + LS F4
Decrease Drone Rotation Speed X + RB F3
Decrease Drone Translation Speed X + RT F1
Decrease Drone Depth of Field B + LT F2
Increase Drone Depth of Field B + RT F3
Decrease Drone Exposure Y + LB Ctrl + F2
Increase Drone Exposure Y + RB Ctrl + F3
Increase Drone Rotation Speed X + LB F4
Increase Drone Translation Speed X + LT F2
Lock Drone to Next Target None t
Lock Drone to Previous Target None Shift + t
Translate Drone Backward Left Stick Down s
Reset Drone Roll RB + LB Space
Translate Drone Up RT r
Translate Drone Right Left Stick Right d
Translate Drone Left Left Stick Left a
Translate Drone Forward Left Stick Up w
Translate Drone Down LT f
Reset Drone Target Offset X + A Num 5
Pitch Drone Down Right Stick Down Num 2
Roll Drone Right RB Num 9
Pitch Drone Up Right Stick UP Num 8
Yaw Drone Left Right Stick Left Num 4
Yaw Drone Right Right Stick RIght Num 6
Roll Drone Left LB Num7
Toggle Drone Follow Mode Right Stick Tab
Toggle Drone Lock Mode Left Stick Ctrl + Tab
Increase Drone Zoom Y + RT Num +
Decrease Drone Zoom Y + LT Num –
Toggle Plane Controls None c
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