Modern Warfare – How to Unlock the Holger-26 and Ram-7

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Season 1 has finally launched in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, and it has added a few new maps and weapons to the game with more promised over the next few weeks. While getting into the new Crash 24/7 Playlist or trying out the new Port map for Ground War may be pretty self-explanatory, the inner workings of the newly added Battle Pass and the methods of unlocking the Holger-26 and Ram-7 can be a bit confusing at first. Both new weapons are locked behind the Battle Pass, but thankfully they’re included in the 20 free tiers that everyone gets access to.

How to Get the Holger-26 in Modern Warfare

The Holger-26 is the first of Season 1’s new guns that you’ll get your hands on. It’s unlocked at Tier 15 of the Battle Pass and is one of the few things the battle pass offers for free. The Holger-26 is a light machine gun, but it can be modified in the gunsmith to resemble the G36C, a classic Modern Warfare weapon. You can either work your way up to Tier 15 by playing multiplayer matches or just outright buy the Tiers for 150 COD Points each.

How to Get the Ram-7 in Modern Warfare

The Ram-7 comes a bit later than the Holger-26, but not by much. Just like with the Holger-26, you’ll need to level up your Battle Pass to get this gun. It’s one of the free Tiers, so you don’t have to purchase the Battle Pass to get the Ram-7, but you still have to level the Battle Pass to Tier 31 before you can use it. The Ram-7 is a bullpup assault rifle that very closely resembles the TAR-21, a classic weapon from Modern Warfare 2. Again, you can work your way up to Tier 31 by playing multiplayer matches, or you can just buy the individual Tiers for 150 COD points each.

To get a headstart on the Battle Pass and get instant access to the Holger-26, you can buy the Battle Pass Bundle. The Bundle is more expensive, coming it at 2400 COD points, but it includes the Battle Pass as well as 20 Tier skips. This will get you all the way past where you need to be for the Holger-26 and make getting the Ram-7 much less of a grind. Season 1 will last for a while, so you should have the opportunity to earn both weapons as well as other cool rewards whether you choose to purchase Tier skips or not.

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