Resident Evil 2 How to Get the Club Key

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The Raccoon City Police Department has a number of unique locked doors in the building. These doors have markings on them for Diamond, Club, Spade, and Heart. To get in these doors you will need the corresponding key. These can be tracked down through exploration and some will be made available after completing certain points in the game. In this guide we’ll explain where to find the Club Key in Resident Evil 2.

The Club Key can be found in the Boiler Room in the east wing of the Police Station. Getting access to this area isn’t going to be easy or immediate. Your going to need to collect some items and make some progress in the game. You will need to have gotten the crank from the Basement Level jail area in the Police Station and then used that crank to reach the second floor roof area.

Once you do have access to this area you can head into the Boiler Room area and you will find the key taped to a whiteboard and it should be easily noticeable.


Once you’ve got the Club Key in hand you are able to access areas like the Observation Room, which will allow you to start down the path of unlocking the S.T.A.R.S. Armory and getting a more powerful gun. The Club Key will also give you access to the Records Room in the West Hall of the Police Station which has the Jack Handle that can give you access to the Clocktower.

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