Resident Evil 2 How to Get the Heart Key

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The Raccoon City Police Station has four different types of doors that require unique keys.  There are doors with diamonds, spades, clubs, and hearts on them and you’ll need to find each key to access each one.  In this guide we’ll explain where to find the Heart Key to open Heart Doors in the Police Station.

The Heart Key can be found in Claire’s story mode when she reaches the garage and encounters the Police Chief.  To get the Heart Key Claire will need to head into the Chief’s Office and find it in his Private Collection Room.

Only in Claire’s Story Mode

The Heart Key will then open up numerous rooms in the Police Station that can not be opened in Leon’s campaign.  However, Claire cannot find the Club Key in her game and this is one of the major ways that the two campaigns are different aside from major story elements.

The Heart Key will be found a couple of hours into the story mode and you will need to have progressed to at least past the Medallion puzzle and into the Parking Garage area with Claire.  Once you come across the picture on the mantle next to a stuffed owl you have found the Heart Key. Just take the picture, examine it, and then remove the Heart Key from the relief picture frame.

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