Super Smash Bros. Ultimate How to Dodge

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In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate there are a few different ways to dodge enemy attacks.  Alongside blocking, dodging enemy attacks is an absolute must have for any Smash Bros. player.  In this guide we’ll go over a couple of the different dodges in Smash Bros. Ultimate and how to execute them in a game.

Blocking and Dodging are tied to the same button in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.  By using the R Button and the Left Thumbstick you can perform side step dodges, as well as forward and backward rolls.

How to Dodge in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Pressing the Left Thumbstick down while holding the R Button will do a side step dodge.  This can be useful when trying to avoid projectiles.

Pressing the Left Thumbstick towards your opponent will roll dodge towards them. Using a roll dodge towards your opponent can be useful when you are trying to get behind an enemy.

Pressing the Left Thumbstick away from your opponent will roll dodge backwards.  Just trying to get away from an opponent that is closing distance can be done with a back roll dodge.

You can also dodge while in the air.  

If you press the R Button while in the air and not pressing in either direction you will do an Air Dodge.

If you press the R Button while in the air and then press the Left Thumbstick left or right you will do a Directional Air Dodge.

The important thing to note here is that you’re going to be using the R Button to dodge, but that this button is also tied to Blocking/Using Shield.  Your shield does have a finite amount of energy and if your shield breaks you will lose consciousness for a moment and will vulnerable to attack during this time.


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