Zelda: Twilight Princess HD Guide –Where is the Bridge of Eldin and How to Fix it

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After your epic fight atop the Bridge of Eldin in The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD the bridge itself disappears, leaving you stranded on one side. Of course, you do eventually make it across, but fixing the bridge should be a priority, if for no other reason than to make travel throughout Hyrule move faster. Luckily, you’ll be able to do this relatively quickly, as the Bridge of Eldin was simply teleported out into the desert.

Note: All directions are for the regular version of the game, not Hero Mode, which is mirrored making right become left and left become right.

Hopefully you fought all of the Shadow Beasts back at the bridge, cause you’ll need that warp spot that they created. If you didn’t fight them (as I happened to skip as well), head back to Hyrule Field. You will need to go to the north side of the bridge, as this is where the Shadow Beasts are standing. Just ride Epona, or run there as Wolf Link, and take them out. The warp will spawn here, and you’ll be all set.

Once you are sure you have the warp spot ready, make your way to the desert, which you can do after getting all four pieces of the Fused Shadow as part of the main quest in The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD. Once there, you just want to head all the way to the back left side of this area. In this corner you’ll find a large mesa, or pillar that you can climb on, and use Midna to reach the top.

It should be easy to spot from a distance, as the bridge itself is resting atop it, and standing vertically. Once you reach the very top and stand next to the large rock column that is the Bridge of Eldin, Midna should ask what you wanna do with the thing. Just warp it to the spot to the north of the Bridge of Eldin and it will fit right into place, giving you much better ease of travel throughout Hyrule Field. 

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