Zelda: Twilight Princess HD Tears of Light Walkthrough for Lake Hylia

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At last, you have reached the final of the endlessly annoying Tears of Light quests from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD. As before, you only need to find 12 of the bugs this time, as opposed to the 16 found in the original Gamecube and Wii releases. Still, this is a much harder one than the other two, largely thanks to the Tears of Light being spread much further this time. Check out our walkthrough to see what all you have to do to get all the Tears of Light in Lake Hylia for The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD. There is also a video walkthrough below if you want more visuals.

Note: All directions are for the regular version of the game, not Hero Mode, which is mirrored making right become left and left become right.

Immediately after exiting the shrine where you start the quest you’ll see one Tear of Light off to the left. Grab him quickly and continue down this way to get to the second one. Along the way you’ll have to fight a few Shadow Beasts, just take out one of the isolated ones and lure the other one over to finish them off. Keep going and you’ll spot the second one, most likely burrowed underground. Grab him and jump into the water.

Now you’ll have to swim across Lake Hylia to the far side. You should see the Tear of Light on your minimap, so just head that way. Eventually you’ll reach some land with the bug on it. Kill it and nearby you’ll find some of the grass that Link uses to call in his hawk. Use it as Wolf Link to summon a flying Shadow Beast, which will carry you through the caves up to Zora’s Domain.

Along the way you’ll have to grab three Tears of Light. Just target them with ZL and hit Dash to ram into them. If you miss some, just slam into a wall to restart the area. After you get all three just continue through to the exit.


Once there you will need to listen to the nearby Fishing Spot owner. This will trigger the next bug to reveal itself. Kill it and look around the lake to find two Zora spirits standing together. Walk up to them and listen to them to get them to swim away. Follow them down river to find the next Tear of Light in The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD.

This one isn’t even in Lake Hylia, instead hiding outside of Telma’s Bar in Castle Town. Head to the west side of the map once you reach Hyrule Field, and move toward the West entrance to Castle Town. Cross the bridge and enter the city, then go to the center area and head South. There you’ll find the alleyway that leads to Telma’s Bar. Break the boxes in the corner of the alley to reveal the next Tear of Light.

Now you want to head back to Zora’s Domain by using Midna to warp there, it should be the northernmost spot on your map. Once there there will already be a Tear of Light nearby, so just find it and kill it. Exit the area and swim into the middle of the small lake to get the next one. You’ll probably have to use the floating platforms to get it. Then swim to the land where you see the next spot, but you’ll need to find the shorter bit of land to get up. Climb the hill to find the next to last Tear of Light.

This last one is a bit different, as Midna points out. Use her to warp back to Lake Hylia and swim out into the middle of the lake, toward some floating bits of wood. Once there the boss should be introduced. It’s a giant Tear of Light bug, which you’ll have to take out. Luckily, he’s not too tough.

Just avoid his attacks, using ZL to strafe around him as needed. Once he’s close, dash into him with A and Wolf Link will latch on. Keep mashing A to attack more. After a couple of these the bug will fall back, floating on his back in the water. Swim to him and hold B to activate Wolf Link’s attack. Once all six legs are selected let the button go and you’ll grab the final Tear of Light in The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD.

Zelda Twilight Princess HD Tears of Light Walkthrough  Lake Hylia

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