Is [Spoiler] Dead in Sakamoto Days?

Did this character just die in the latest chapter of Sakamoto Days?

by Matthew Kevin Mitchell
Image: Yuto Suzuki

Sakamoto Days Chapter 127 showed Haisuke and Hyo fighting against Kumanomi but ended with a tragic moment that left fans reeling. A beloved character potentially died, leading to what should be another character’s unexpected arc and intense revenge moments. Unfortunately, the chapter ends with the character’s fate uncertain, leaving fans hoping and guessing what will happen in the next chapter. Still, we can surmise what happened based on what happened to this character and a very telling comment from another.

*** Spoiler Warning – Everything Below Will Spoil a Character’s Death ***

Is Hyo Dead in Sakamoto Days?

Image: Yuto Suzuki

Yes, it appears that Hyo is dead in Sakamoto Days based on this line from Kumanomi: “Can’t believe he wouldn’t let go even after death.” However, the chapter straight up say he is dead, so we must wait until the next chapter to see if his death is 100% confirmed.

Here are the series of events that happened in Chapter 127 leading up to Hyo’s death.

Image: Yuto Suzuki

At the start of Chapter 127, Hyo and Heisuke thought Kumanomi was defeated. However, Hyo took another projectile bullet to his last good eye, which according to Kumanomi, pierced his brain.

Image: Yuto Suzuki

While we thought he was done after that, he returned to save Heisuke by slamming her through the pier and into the water.

Image: Yuto Suzuki

After they are both in the water, Hyo gets a death grip on her right hand (the one with the glove, which I believe will be important later) in an attempt to drown her.

Image: Yuto Suzuki

When Kumanomi realizes this, she uses her glove to pull propellor blades into Hyo’s chest.

Image: Yuto Suzuki

She then chops off her arm when he still doesn’t let go (and gives her a hell of a smile in response). After that, we see her climb out of the water, and she says: “Can’t believe he wouldn’t let go even after death.”

Image: Yuto Suzuki

If Hyo is dead, which that last line from Kumanomi seems to confirm, and the last panel in the chapter, this would be the first Order member to die in the series, but why exactly was he killed, and what was Kumanomi’s motivation?

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Why Did Kumanomi Kill Hyo?

Image: Yuto Suzuki

During Chapter 127, Kumanomi tells us that the Al-Khamar program was designed to create artificial Order members by training orphans to become killers. Raising children at an orphanage to become killing machines is a justifiable reason for her actions. She also said that “it failed,” and it is revealed in earlier chapters that there was a big fire at the orphanage. We don’t know how these things are connected, but it sounds like the JAA tried to murder the orphans they’d kidnapped (and possibly orphaned themselves in the first place) because they weren’t getting good enough at murder or becoming afraid of their creations. Whatever the reason, maybe the Assassin organization is the bad guy.

- This article was updated on September 7th, 2023

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