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Nvidia reveals Project Shield as their new mobile gaming initiative

by William Schwartz


Earlier tonight at press conference in Las Vegas, Nvidia has revealed Project Shield. Project Shield is an Android-based gaming handheld that utilizes the recently announced Tegra 4 processor, and comes packed with all the trappings of your modern gaming devices.


Part Wii U, part Xbox 360 controller, Project Shield comes equipped with a 5-inch 720p HD flip-up screen display, integrated sound system, HDMI port for video output, Micro-USB/SD ports, and other features. The tiny system utilizing the power of the new Tegra 4 was showcased outputting HD video from the device to a 4K display with no hitches in framerate or hindrance on the picture quality.

The Shield can also remotely play other games that may be stored on a users home PC, through a Wi-Fi connection. This includes games in a users Steam library. Nvidia says that Project Shield will ship in the second quarter of 2013.

Project Shield Real-Time Demo

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