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2K Details The Darkness II Multiplayer

by William Schwartz


Forgoing competitive multiplayer, The Darkness II will feature a new mode called “Vendettas”.  Vendettas is proclaimed to be a fast-paced, violent, and narrative driven cooperative experience that goes alongside the single player story.  The four player cooperative mode lets players choose between four unique characters, that each brandish their own “Darkness Weapon”.

2K says that the development of the cooperative experience was targeted as being a “team-focused, mission based experience… that explores the crucial role each character plays in Jackie Estacado’s campaign to defeat the Brotherhood.”

The unique parallel missions are connected to the main story line “thematically” with unique environments that won’t be found in the single player portion of the game.  The Vendetta’s mode also feature a mode called “Hit List”, here players can repeat campaign moments or cause mayhem in brand new scenarios.

Aside from their unique weapons, each character posses a unique combat style.

Inugami: Wielding the mythical Kusanagi samurai sword rumored to have killed ten thousand innocents, Inugami is a dark and mentally unstable character with revenge-driven motives against The Brotherhood and their allies for the slaughter of his entire family. He can also use a swarm of miniature demons to attack and immobilize his enemies.

Shoshanna is an ultra-efficient agent for Mossad, the Israeli Intelligence Agency, who was sent to New York to combat a spike in Brotherhood activity. Her obedience and devotion to her superiors makes her a perfect operative, and she harbors a passion for hunting and destroying evil in the world as part of her legacy. Shoshanna wields the Arm of the Night, a powerful weapon fueled with Dark essence and the power to fire multiple rounds of gunfire at one time.

Jimmy Wilson:
A product of inner-city Glasgow, Scotland, and a notorious alcoholic, Jimmy believes The Brotherhood is simply another form of the Hated English that persecuted his family in the past, and he travels to New York to torment them to the fullest extent. He wields the Dark Axe, and has the ability to summon Darklings that he commonly refers to as “Little Jimmys”.

J.P. DuMond:
A former doctor from New Orleans, DuMond is burdened with guilt for using a form of Louisiana Voodoo to heal his patients. The use of dark magic drew the attention of The Brotherhood, an organization which J.P. is now forced to combat in order to halt their pursuit of evil relics. J.P. wields the Midnight Stick and can pull enemies into an anatomy-crushing vortex when he tosses his Box of Tricks – a black metal box filled with dark power – into an open area.

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